[Videos] How to create interesting contents

Hey guys, I want to talk about my designs in SL. I think it is very important for SL to increase its playability, so that people can have more fun on this platform, instead of earning beans day after day.

For myself, I love Asian pop culture, so I made this ACG-style dance video.

Here I will introduce my video-making process. (Of course, we should see some SL elements in the video, so let your avatar wear SL outfits, or add SL logo in your stage.)

For the video-making tools, I use VRMLiveViewer(can be downloaded from: https://booth.pm/ja/items/1783082). And to bring your avatar into action, you need the following resources:

  • Avatar model (.vrm format)
  • Motion data (.vmd format)
  • Camera data (.vmd format)
  • Music data (.wav format)
  • Stage data (.glb/gltf format)

For the avatar model, my friend provided some help on modelling (I think SL should support avatar’s local download) . For other resources, you can visit the following websites; Many authors freely share their work on these websites, and just remember to remark the author’s name wherever you use these resources.

After collecting all the resources you need, just drag them into VRMLiveViewer, and you will get a whole dance video :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. If you apply different stages and outfits, and make several videos, you can edit them together with other video-editing tools (adobe premiere, final cut pro, etc.)

Actually I’m creating another girl’s video, but I have a little problem with girl’s modelling, so the work may come several weeks later. If any of you are experienced or interested in such kind of video making, feel free to discuss here~ let’s create more contents on this platform :star_struck:


great share

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What a great sharing! If it can dance in the space, that will be amazing!

Yeah i think they should really do this! A space where lots of people can sing, dance, and make friends at the same time. They have holded several concerts before, that should not be a technical problem.
And it’ll be better if they provide more ugc tools to make videos, live streaming, or sth else, to make the dancing easier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually, I think the bean harvest is temporary, the team rewards first-time members and tries out the staking system. Later, this system changes and projects take several days to collect on the Secondlive bsc network. I have full faith in the project and the team for the future. The best metaverse project in the bsc network, I think we will have a lot of fun in the future.

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