💰 How do you like SecondLive’s $Bean tokenomic system?

:innocent: As we know, $Bean has been playing a crucial role in SecondLive. Here, we’d love to hear your voice in our $Bean tokenomic system so as to better SecondLive.

Come and make a post below, and you will get the chance to win $Bean reward!! :tada::tada::tada:

If you don’t know about $Bean, you can take a look at this:

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12:00 Nov 7- 8:00 Nov 14, 2022 (UTC)

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A total of 24 winning posts will be selected from all submissions. The reward details are as follows:

  • 300 $BEAN*2
  • 100 $BEAN*6
  • 50 $BEAN*16

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  1. First comes, first serves. If posts have the same content, the first submission will be counted. Plagiarists will be disqualified for this activity.
  2. The post content against forum rules will be disqualified for award evaluation. Dive in here :point_right: https://forum.secondlive.world/faq

If the bean, an important asset, was used for shopping other than staking, in-game users could access the products in the market much more easily, because bean can earn from in-game tasks, be active in the system and with the bean you collect, shop in-game, this market and can increase in-game active users.

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The current system suits me better. In-game earnings increase $Bean and this in-game activity. We earn $LIVE by locking the $Bean, which increases the market and other activities. At the moment, I find your approach very correct. It’s easier for us as first users to earn $bean with $LIVE, it will get harder in the future and ROI and apr rates will decrease as people come. This will make the ecosystem stronger. It is a very possible decision to earn $Bean with in-game events and attract social activity and people to the secondlive metaverse and increase the activity suddenly. I haven’t seen this thought in any other project. Indeed, this thought will fill the secondlive universe after a possible listing and announcement. It is necessary to create the infrastructure for this :slight_smile:

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I like that BEAN allows us to earn LIVE token so it gives us a good opportunity to get it before its launch.
First of all, BEAN is incentive token but for now we can only stake it, would be great if you added more functions in future. For example, mystery boxes with non-transferable NFTs, maybe some gambling activities, special marketplace where we can buy items with BEAN
In general, I like the tokenomics, BEAN can be used for many activites in future so it will be truly incentive token stimulating people to be the part of SecondLive

$Beans fully fulfill their role as in-game assets.
Dual Token Mechanism justifies itself as in many other play to earn games.
I believe that the main role will belong to $Live

There should be more thresholds for beans, such as Treasure hunting: you must have at least one nft to participate. Not only will this prevent cheating scientists, but it will also make users feel more engaged and more engaged. In addition, the BEAN should be used more widely, such as to participate in the World Cup or some small games are played by consuming Beans and not just as a pledge to get LIVE,In this way, the deflation problem can be well solved and the value of LIVE can be better reflected



$BEAN played a great impact role for earning $LIVE now most of the people know about $Bean. You should used bean not only for stacking $LIVR token you also used it various event in future $Bean familiarity will increase. It also be a main token after $LIVE. This will make the ecosystem stronger.

$BEAN plays a very important role in SecondLive . i would like to suggest to reward beans to the active members so that they can earn $LIVE token by staking. From this we can gain more active participants .

Iam happy with current situation and as long beans is not tradable and trasnferable Iam ok, would only love to see more updates about their usecase like some upgrades for avatar, if we have some games use them as stake/winner takes it all… and similar.


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The dual currency model has eliminated many scientists, but I would like to know when to list on Binance

Limited bot participation in BEAN collection, e.g. must have VP to collect

If we make $BEAN circulate, first we need to get rid of the bots and increase the circulation of $BEAN, user created costumes and avatars to be able to buy them using $BEAN.
And our spaces need to be differentiated, they have different rarity but not a bit different, except a little more VP, we should add some new things in it, like the number of people the space holds, or add some new interesting features, the rarer the space the more features it should have, not all the same.
For example

  1. increase VP value
  2. Increase the number of people in the space
    D:50 C:60 B:80 A:100 S:150
  3. Increase the puzzle game
  4. Expand the space activity area
    Distinguish by space rarity
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I like the current economic model, it’s really different from many projects I’ve been involved in.
I now use $bean to make $live easier than before, with the current time I can generate more $live than before

the secondlife token system is relatively good, but the only thing is that there are too many tasks, and the fee for each interaction is too high

Mission rewards are too few and trivial