🎉 BUG Bounty Hunter! Up to 5,000 $BEAN Reward

BUG bounty
SecondLive has been popular among users since its launch. With the continuous influx of players and its increasing popularity, the products will inevitably encounter new issues and challenges. We have also received a lot of feedback from our community. The dev team has constantly been carrying out self-checking, testing and repairing.

To provide a better user experience, we decide to launch a BUG Hunting Campaign. Welcome your active participation and share your findings. We will record, review and improve each and every one. Come and join us to maintain SecondLive! We believe we can bring you an even better product through continuous improvements!

:alarm_clock: Time

  • Duration: 12:00, 12 Aug 2022 - 8:00, 16 Sep 2022 (UTC)
  • Announcement: fortnightly

:gift: Rewards

Rewards will be given based on the level of the bug.

  • Level 1: 5,000 $BEANs for bugs with serious security vulnerability.
  • Level 2: 1,000 $BEANs for bugs with high-security risk, or highly feasible suggestions based on relevant statistic analysis.
  • Level 3: 600 $BEANs for highly feasible suggestions, or the bug seriously damaging user experience.
  • Level 4: 100 $BEANs for good suggestions or general bugs.
  • Engagement Award: A NFT Bug Hunter badge for all participants who submit a bug or propose a suggestion successfully.
  • Level 5: Bug hunter will get 30 $BEAN rewards for finding typo or misnomer in products once it is adopted.

:ledger: Rules

  1. First come, first counted. The first submitted one will be recorded for bugs with the same content.
  2. The ranking is graded per the bugs’ severity and the suggestions’ feasibility. The relevant prize will remain vacant if no qualified bugs or suggestions are submitted.
  3. During the campaign, the winners will be announced on 10:00UTC every Monday, and rewards will be distributed on the following day.
  4. The participants will be disqualified if their content submitted violates the Forum Rules: https://forum.secondlive.world/faq

:trophy: List of winners

The reward activity has ended, but you can continue to submit bugs, thank you!:heart:


On marketplace in Shoes, Tops and Bottoms categories there are NFTs from other categories also with no images. You need to click on the whole category to see this, not the subsections

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There’s bug with Treasure Hunt when someone picks up the coin but it doesn’t dissappear. When you try to pick up this coin, it says that you’re late.

Morden > Modern
(Square Space typo)


Walking the stairs in the Square Space makes the avatar jerky


Missing message saying you’ve reached the daily limit for coins (you can click the button, but nothing happens in this version). Update - it’s even worse, the bean amount window cannot be closed now, so I can only exit the space or close the whole window.

When I first saw “Item successfully sold” it made me think that one of my listed items have been sold on the marketplace. It should be either “Items recently sold” (plural noun) or even a default “Activity” or “Marketplace activity” for a clear message, especially for new marketplace users used to OpenSea and other widely known marketplaces

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I found a mistake when you walked down the slope. Your character will show mistakes in walking. You can see it in the video clip. Thank you.


The total sale amount is not displayed correctly!

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Current and past amount, history addition. It can be easily checked that the operations are carried out correctly. The current amount with the previous amount cannot be checked at this time. It just says added payment.

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Gallary > Gallery
(promo poster typo in Events section)

one of the best bugs i have ever seen :smiley: i like it but its not good for our project

Security issues related to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) while configuring new realistic avatar and ACG avatar (Chrome):


Complainted > Complained OR Complaint submitted
(Events section button)

This situation is very annoying, if you can work on this interference

Game not starts yet > Game has not started yet
(Mannequin Challenge message)

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that approved > that was approved
(DAO proposal help icon)

I know it serves as a decoration, but maybe it’s time to replace that stand with sth more interesting, useful or/and interactive like current event promos from the Event section, our current Bean or Live balance or the stake pool’s status. Or at least BNB and BUSD prices :slight_smile: (free general suggestion, not really a bug)


all the beans are yours, bro

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