🏆 Your 1-Year Achievements in SecondLive



Do you remember when the first day you landed on SecondLive was? Do you know how much $BEAN you have achieved in one year? How many NFTs do you have? What's your ranking? Come and share your achievements in the SecondLive world! After a successful sharing, you can participate in our lucky draw once to win $BEAN rewards.

Start time: August 8th 12:00 (UTC)
End time: August 13th 12:00 (UTC)

Date & Time

Aug 22 12:00 UTC ~ Aug 22 12:00 UTC

:heart: :heart: :heart: How time flies! SecondLive has been 1 year old. Here, we sincerely invite YOU, the witness of SecondLive’s growth, to share your 1-year achievements in SecondLive. Come to show your highlight moments and grab the chance to win generous anniversary rewards!

:ledger: Event Rules

Post on SecondLive Forum, then you can participate in this event. The post should include :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:your anniversary achievement poster and :innocent: anything you want to say about SecondLive.

  1. Get your anniversary achievement poster:https://secondlive.world/activity/anniversary
  2. Post entry: https://forum.secondlive.world/t/your-1-year-achievements-in-secondlive/323/8
  3. Click the blue button at the bottom to reply

:alarm_clock: Event Time

  • Aug 10 8:00 UTC ~ Aug 22 12:00 UTC

:gift: Event Rewards

  • Popular Star: Top10 participators with most likes will win 200 $BEAN per person.
  • Lucky Star: 20 lucky participators will be randomly selected to win 80 $BEAN per person.

:ballot_box_with_check: Event Details

  1. Every participator can only win one prize. One winner, one prize;
  2. Every participator can submit multiple posts. But the post with same contents will be invalid;
  3. It is not allowed to spam. The post and reply should be meaningful;
  4. Please do not include any sensitive content in the post (fud, abuse, advertising, political sarcasm, pornographic content, etc). Otherwise it will be disqualified.

:trophy: List of winners


Happy 1st Anniversary!!:birthday::tada::heart:


:heart: I love you Secondlive, we’ve been together for 201 days now and in a few years we’ll have a baby :baby: :smile:


:smiley: :grin: :smile: :blush:

Well it’s my first post here, I am using secondlive world about 7,8 ago. When I started in cryto world. My first earning was from second live that was JoJo bounty. Thank you secondlive world.

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Although i came in late but im loving it!!
Happy 1st Anniversary and can’t wait to grow with the project!


Hello all friend , it’s my small journey with secondlive but it will remian . I love secondlive because it gave me first tokens when I enter crypto world. Thank you Soo much secondlive. Wish you best of luck on your first birthday.


Hello friends hope you like my post.

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Happy 1st Anniversary!!:birthday:What an amazing journey in crypto world!! :heart:


Second live the best!

I joined SECONDLIVE on September 2, 2021. I have been able to grow with the project for nearly a year, and I have also witnessed the continuous growth of the project. It feels great. Congratulations on the first anniversary of Secondlive, it is like a baby growing up, thank the team for their hard work and care.


friends who joined early

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I have known about SecondLive from CMC campaign “How to Web3 on BNB Chain”. The project has been interested me right away. Since that moment I’ve been very active with helping our community and newcomers. I noticed that many people ask the same questions so I even decided to write a detailed guide on SecondLive in Medium. I have became an OG in exactly 2 month.
I see the potential in SecondLive, you’ve done a great job in that 1 year! I will try to be a part of this project for as long as I can, I want to see myself how it’s developing and growing.
Good luck SecondLive, have a great future, to the Moon! :rocket: :new_moon:


SecondLive_Happy anniversary

I saw the project by chance and registered with excitement as soon as I saw it. When I looked at it, the Project has been active for 9 months and all I can think is, how did I not see this project until now? it happened. I have mostly shelved the other projects that I was interested in for 3 months and I am only interested in SecondLive. I have great expectations from this project, I think its future is very bright. Even if I’m 9 months late. :slight_smile:
I am happy to be one of the first participants. I will do my part to make SecondLive come to my dream place. Wishing you a great and successful life, SecondLive Family… :birthday: :tada: :family:


Happy 1st anniversary~ good job sir

best wishes

:smile: Please reply to me, I would like to get more Beans

Happy 1st Anniversary!! Although i came in late but im loving it!!
Happy 1st Anniversary and can’t wait to grow with the project!

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