World Cup 2022 — Vote, Design Football Kits, Do Gleam Tasks & Split NFT +$Token Rewards


## Ⅰ. Introduction

During the World Cup 2022, SecondLive is going to launch football kits design campaign for most popular 3 teams. Users can join us by voting their favorite team and design football kits, so as to split the prize pool of 200,000 $BEAN, other sponsors’ Token and World Cup Football Kit NFT.

## Ⅱ. Rewards

* 200,000 $BEAN + Sponsors’ Token
* Free mint World Cup Football Kit NFT

## Ⅲ. Rules

The whole football kits design campaign will be divided into three phases. Different activity and rewards will be released for every phase, which is as follows:

### Phase 1: Vote for your favorite team to split 200,000 $BEAN

Vote for your favorite team and then you can secure 20 $BEAN rewards. Only one voting chance available for each wallet address one day.

⏰ Time: 12: 00 Nov 16 — Nov 23 (UTC)

🤑 Rewards: 200,000$BEAN + free mint qualification for Football kit NFT

📍 [Voting entry](

### Phase 2: Design football kits for top 3 teams with most votes to share $2,000
Design football kits for the Top 3 popular teams. The creators whose designs are chosen by the relevant sponsors will share the rewards of $2,000 Token.

⏰ Time: 12:00, Nov 18 — Nov 28 (UTC)

🤑 Rewards: $2,000 Token

📍Rules of Participation: Coming Soon

### Phase 3: Free mint Football Kit NFT
⏰ Time: 12:00,  Dec 5 (UTC)

Only Participants who are whitelisted for free mint Football Kit NFT could free mint the Kit NFT.

### Who can be whitelisted:

* Participants who have voted for their favorite team
* SecondLive OG/ SecondLive First Anniversary NFT holders/ SecondLive Creators/ SecondLive Space holders/ Users who have minted clothes on IMO(Before Nov 15)
* Participants who complete gleam tasks for Free Mint Football Kit NFT

Date & Time

Nov 22 12:00 UTC ~ Dec 22 12:00 UTC