🤔 What is your ideal SecondLive?


How do you understand Metaverse? What’s an ideal SecondLive in your mind?

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#What is your ideal SecondLive.? SecondLive should be an unlimited reflection of real life, all its colors and cultures, all human habits and memorizations, as well as things that can only be imagined in real life, with the possibility of a virtual universe, of our imagination. Man is a thinking being, and it is only one of a thousand and one ways for thoughts to come to life independently of our bodies, and for one to be happy.


I had been in a lot of metaverses but they usually get interest from so small crowds.
I want to see a really crowded and occupied one , i mean 7/24…
And i really dont understand that why those metaverses do not colaborate with young and famous tiktokers or youtubers or twitchers who are not in crypto!!!
In my country just for a few example “uzunmakarna” a famous girl and “elraen” not himself so young but popular publisher for young people.
They dont publish crypto content but there are a lot of young followers who will do what they say and what they do.
just give them a house or likely in metaverse and keep them online 1-2 hours , several times for a month or two, then all their young! and crazy! copy paste followers will jump in metaverse.
Main subject i am trying to take attention is all those metaverses are for the new generations, and you should take them inside whatever their age is not important.
Try this colobaration with a few countries, you will see that is better than paying global famous people money for concerts etc, those will come after.


You are absolutely right, if “elraen” promotes this platform, we will see + 3 million users here the next day. However, in order for the users to be permanent, a few very important arrangements need to be made. Unlike other projects, this project has the potential to offer people a second life simulation. People can stay online for 8 hours 12 hours 16 hours in this game, but for this, the social structure and system need to be regulated. I believe that our expectations from this project will be met in the future. I hope these updates don’t take too long.

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Its good idea and already suggested, need to negotiate this and will shurley bring benefits/users to SL.


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Thanks for the opportunity

:clap: nice explanation, congratulations.

Being an earlier user of Secondlive i proud to say its been great experience i came across.

For my point of view Metaverse is the world that has everything in which the imagination is coming into reality , the new revolution in future tech which has all the capability to change/develope the peoples life

secondlive is done great implementation of technology and but for the ideal secondlive it should be more great that platform is easily accessible to large number of users i wish it can be more easily accessible by implementing it to smartphones, smart watches/wearable so that large number of users can access and experience it .
before that its more important to educate the users about how we can access / use the platfrom for better way so i wish secondlive will figure out how and ways to educate the new users by new programs / events

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virtual universe ; We can call it cloud living. Since the last 22 years, the world has awakened to a technological age. Everything in the world has accelerated with the age of technology. Metaverse takes all the steps one step further. In my dream, Secondlive is a safe and peaceful area with a planet of its own, divided into parcels on that planet, where we can organize cinema, games, games of chance, shopping, parties and entertainment events for its visitors. chat and go about daily life. To create a space where we can listen, discuss and shop project management and meetings in a secure environment with live tokens. Secondlive has the capacity to do all of this.


need more patterns available to design, currently only basic models


It should be space where we can relax after regular day, where we can do things we like and have fun. Meet/hang out with friends, read and have new experiance about ever changing world and its oportunities. Have options to explore new sides of us thru diferent activities. For example latest gobeti app realy got me interested in desings and I love doing it so gona push foward this side of me thanks to SecondLive. More connected to things that matter with options to create something new and original is main key i think for this project.
My ideal SecondLive project would have to unleash user imagination and give user oportunity to discover their passions and option to express them self while having fun and so far its doing great job regarding that.

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But i think the crowd is more important and first it must come then the social structure and etc. will be made by itself easily. I mean “no user means no social structure etc.”.

How can we claim those 200 $BEAN rewards?