😄 What features do you think could bring more fun into Brand Space?

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As a community member of SecondLive, what features do you think Brand Space should have? and what features would be attractive?

:thinking: For example, users could participate AMA, live broadcast and even play games in Brand Space. Come shout out your thoughts by a post!

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12:00 Oct 19- 8:00 Oct 21, 2022 (UTC)

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Promotional videos of the relevant brand can be broadcast on TV continuously, communication and suggestion box, channel, can be added. (Within SecondLive, it will be useful for brand-related events.) For useful suggestions and complaints, an appropriate reward may be awarded. For those who own crypto assets, events such as guessing game, for the next price, can be arranged.
Products belonging to the relevant company can be designed and sold in the market, a board can be set up on the office for promotion.


Personally, I prefer lazy people and leisure. It would be great if I could listen to music and share music and movies

I really would like it if brand spaces had somewhere where we can get more information and news about the Brand/Project to learn more about it. Also, a way to redirect or to access their services would be great

I suggest adding lottery function
Users are required to enter the Brand Space to participate
They can use $BEAN $LIVE or other crypto to buy tickets
Prizes will be given to the lucky ones
If possible, I think it will be more interesting if all rewards are given in the form of NFT Cards. Users can exchange that NFT for the corresponding reward from Secondlive or give it to someone else

AMA rewards can not only send BEAN, but also add exclusive clothes designed by cooperative projects, and then link the vouchers of the cooperative project party’s reward white list.
Add more interactive movements or dances. When we are tired, we can listen to the content of the project while dancing.
The organizer’s seat is available to sit, perhaps more prominently in the identity of the AMA organizer.


The brand house has its own website and links to most media, which is a must, as well as a bulletin board to check the progress of the project. In the pavilion, there are NPCS wearing the project’s signature clothing. Users can communicate with NPCS to ask some simple questions. NFT or other product showrooms for project releases. A market (or exclusive store) for the project’s own products.


I recommend displaying the project’s own NFTS and game content in the brand space. The TV in the brand space can display the promotional video of the project side. The brand space can set up some of the project’s own game content similar to the gameplay experience games. The brand space can set the project party’s own NFT or token exchange market link address.


The brand space can be configured with a unified standard as a flagship store to give brand support to the partner project parties, while other contents are recommended to be open and let the brand parties build themselves

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I believe this project will be a very successful and the impact it stands toul stands to bring…good community. I LOVE SECONDLIVE

Can initiate competition games to other users.

All contact points of the brand museum include users, channels, partners, media, and even competitive brands. The content included in the brand construction includes brand asset construction, informatization construction, channel construction, customer expansion, media management, brand search power management, market activities management, brand virtual experience management, thanks