🎉 Weekly Theme Release - SecondLive Creator Carnival

:no_entry: Week 64-65: Design Apparel inspired by the “Urban Explorer” (This theme is closed)

Design a collection of trendy outfits tailored for urban exploration. Take cues from the city’s street culture, architectural scenery, and diverse inhabitants to create fashion pieces that are both stylish and functional. Utilize durable, breathable fabrics and incorporate plenty of pockets and flexible cuts to enable wearers to navigate the urban landscape with ease, immersing themselves in the energy and vibrancy of the city.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Urban__xxx];

:no_entry: Weeks 62-63: Design Gaming-Inspired Fashion Pieces (This theme is closed)

Create a collection that seamlessly integrates elements and styles from diverse gaming genres into distinct fashion pieces. Take inspiration from electronic, tabletop, role-playing games, and more to reflect players’ passion for gaming culture. Empower wearers to showcase their individual gaming style in everyday life.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Game__xxx];

:no_entry: Week 60-61: Design apparel inspired by “Virtual Reality Explorers” (This theme is closed)

Create clothing that merges futuristic technology with the adventurous spirit of exploration. Incorporate virtual reality headsets and sci-fi design elements for a futuristic and adventurous look, suitable for both virtual and real-world wear.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Explorer__xxx];

:no_entry: Week58-59: Create fashion pieces inspired by "Time Travel”(This theme is closed)

Journey through time and history with your designs. Merge elements from various eras to depict the captivating interplay of different timelines. Fuse vintage cuts, blend traditional and contemporary patterns, and draw inspiration from specific historical periods. Let your designs serve as portals to the past, present, and future, weaving together threads of nostalgia and innovation.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Travel__xxx];

:no_entry: Week 56-57: Design Fashion Inspired by “Garden Dreams”(This theme is closed)

Let your creativity blossom with the theme “Garden Dreams.” Picture a vibrant garden filled with colorful flowers blooming in abundance, emitting sweet fragrances. Design a collection of clothing infused with vitality and romance, capturing the essence of a lush garden. Incorporate floral patterns, soft fabrics, and fresh colors to create elegant and enchanting attire that transports the wearer to a whimsical garden paradise.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Garden_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 54-55: Design Fashion Inspired by the “City Night Enchantment” (This theme is closed)

Imagine the city bathed in lights as night falls, exuding a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere. Design a series of garments that blend modernity with a touch of mystery inspired by urban nights. Incorporate dark tones, sleek lines, and unique lighting effects to craft stylish ensembles suitable for nighttime excursions. Let the wearer become a radiant silhouette, adding allure to the city night!

:art: Artwork naming format: [City_xxx];

:no_entry: Weeks 52-53: Design Fashion Inspired by “Fairy Tale Wonderland” (This theme is closed)

Step into a fairy tale wonderland filled with magic, mythical creatures, and surprises. With fairy tales as the theme, create whimsical clothing with magical patterns and vibrant colors, bringing fairy tale characters to life. Let wearers step into a world of joy and fantasy.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Wonderland_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 50-51: Design Fashion Inspired by “Aurora Dreams” (This theme is closed)

Imagine the breathtaking Northern Lights illuminating the cold Arctic night sky. Aurora Dreams bring forth mysterious and dreamy hues, shimmering with shades of green, purple, blue, and pink. Draw inspiration from these vibrant lights to create a collection of modern and enchanting garments, transporting the wearer to a fantastical polar world.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Dreams_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 48-49: Create fashion Inspired by the Enigma of the Ocean (This theme is closed)

Ever felt captivated by the deep, mysterious allure of the ocean?

Beneath its surface lie vast and profound secrets, teeming with the unknown and the beautiful. From the tumultuous waves of the open sea to the tranquil embrace of coastal bays, from the vibrant hues of coral reefs to the enigmatic deep-sea creatures, the ocean is an endless wellspring of inspiration.

Infuse your love for ocean culture into crafting imaginative apparel.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Ocean_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 46-47: Create Fashion Inspired by Your Most Fascinating Culture (This theme is closed)

What culture sparks your creativity? Is it the vibrant sarees of India, the intricate tribal patterns of Africa, the elegant qipaos of China, or something else? Choose any country’s culture that resonates with you, and let it fuel the creation of a garment collection brimming with narrative and depth. Skillfully infuse the cultural elements into contemporary clothing designs, crafting a cross-cultural fashion spectacle.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Culture_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 44-45: Craft Fashion Inspired by Your Favorite Cartoon Character (This theme is closed)

Which cartoon character do you love the most? Whether it’s Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, Doraemon, Peppa Pig, or any other, let your passion for this character guide you in creating a delightful and stylish collection. Incorporate their iconic features and unique style to fashion a trendy cartoon-inspired showcase.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Cartoon_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 42-43: Create Fashion Inspired by Your Favorite Fruit (This theme is closed)

What’s your favorite fruit? Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, oranges, or perhaps something more exotic? Take inspiration from your beloved fruit and create a vibrant and innovative collection of clothing. Incorporate the distinct colors and unique textures of the fruit, infusing these elements into your designs to create a fashionable feast for the senses.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Fruit_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 40-41: Create fashion inspired by your favorite music (This theme is closed)

What’s your preferred music genre - hip-hop, classical, pop, rock, electronic, or something else? Let it be the muse for your clothing designs.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Music_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 38-39: Movie-inspired Fashion Design (This theme is closed)

Create fashion influenced by your favorite film’s style, whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, historical, or real-life. Infuse key elements and character traits from the movie into your designs, staying true to the film’s theme and aesthetic.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Movie_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 36-37: Craft Animal-Inspired Clothing (This theme is closed)

Let your favorite animals spark your fashion imagination. Design a unique clothing collection inspired by the creatures you adore. Infuse your designs with the traits, colors, and essence of these animals to showcase your love and creativity.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Animals_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 34-35: Design Clothing Inspired by Your Favorite Painting (This theme is closed)

Choose your favorite painting and incorporate its style into your clothing design. Create imaginative and artistic attire that takes users on a journey into your world of artistry.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Art_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 32-33: Design a “Retro Revival” Metaverse Outfit (This theme is closed)

Blend classic retro elements with the aesthetics of the metaverse to create nostalgic and stylish apparel. You can use vintage patterns, retro-style cuts, and classic color combinations to craft a retro yet fashionable visual effect that brims with nostalgia.

:art: Artwork naming format: [RR_xxx];

[:no_entry: Week 30-31: Design fashion for your favorite NFT project (This theme is closed)

The recent volatility in the NFT market has been both exciting and nerve-wracking.

Looking to buy the dip? Which NFT project do you believe in the most? Here, we’ve got a fun task for you: If you could design apparel for an NFT project, which one would it be? Unleash your creativity at the intersection of fashion and digital art, reigniting the NFT world!

:art: Artwork naming format: [iLoveNFT_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 28-29: Design Clothing for Your Dream Car (This theme is closed)

If you could drive in the metaverse, what would be your dream car in your mind? Please design your own costume to incorporate your dream car

:art: Artwork naming format: [Car_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 26-27: Design Clothing for Your Lucky Project (This theme is closed)

In both bear and bull markets, everyone can seize money-making opportunities at different stages. Which project has brought you the biggest gains since you started? Customize the apparel for that project to commemorate this sacred journey.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Lucky_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 24-25: Customize the Clothing for BRC20 Token (This theme is closed)

Recently engaged in the BRC20 frenzy? Due to the growing popularity of the BTC Ordinals’ BRC-20 standard, unconfirmed on-chain transactions peaked at over 465,000 as of May 8, 2023, pushing BRC-20’s market cap near $1 billion.

Design apparel for your preferred BRC20 Token.

:art: Artwork naming format: [BRC20_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 22-23: Design the clothing for Bitcoin NFT (This theme is closed)

At present, Bitcoin NFTs have sparked considerable controversy within the Bitcoin community. Opposing voices argue that Bitcoin NFTs will cause block sizes to increase rapidly, while supporters believe they will promote the development of Bitcoin’s layer2 networks.

Please design related apparel centered around this theme.

:art: Artwork naming format: [BTCNFT_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 20-21: Customize the Clothing for your Favorite Layer 2 (This theme is closed)

Layer 2 refers to a secondary framework or protocol that is built on top of an existing blockchain system (Layer 1). The main goal of these protocols is to enhance the scalability, speed, and efficiency of the core blockchain networks, while simultaneously reducing transaction costs.

Please design clothes for your favorite Layer 2.

:art: Artwork naming format: [L2_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 18-19: Design Uniforms on the Theme of Value (This theme is closed)

On January 3 2009, the first block of the #Bitcoin blockchain, called the “genesis block,” was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto. This block contained the text “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”

Recently, the collapse of several traditional banks has once again led the market to ponder which currency is truly more valuable. Please use this as inspiration to design fashion.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Value_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 16-17: Create Stylish Apparel for ChatGPT (This theme is closed)

Imagine ChatGPT as a as a real-life, intelligent companion. What role would ChatGPT play in your life - as a butler, chauffeur, or work assistant? Let your creativity run wild and design an outfit that embodies ChatGPT’s helpful spirit!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity. Join our challenge and help us dress ChatGPT in style!

:art: Artwork naming format: [ChatGPT_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 14-15: Customize the Dating Clothes on the theme of Love (This theme is closed)

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, please design the dating clothes for yourself, your sweetheart, or others.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Love_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 12-13: Design Uniforms on the Theme of “Bull” or ”Bear” (This theme is closed)

Currently, the market is getting recovered. Do you think we are in the early stage of a bull market or just a bear market rally? Or do you think we are in the bull-bear struggle, or one side has already got victory?

Please customize the outfit for the current market based on your own judgement.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Market_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 10-11: Customize Uniforms For Your Most Trusted CEX (This theme is closed)

After the collapse of #FTX last year, which CEX trading platforms do you think will survive in the end?
Please design exclusive clothes for your most trusted CEX.

:art: Artwork naming format: [CEX_xxx];

:no_entry: Week 8-9: Customize Uniforms for BAYC (This theme is closed)

BYAC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) released the video “Jimmy faces the ultimate trial” on Dec 22, 2022, which intrigued the public. So, what do you think comes next?

Please design uniforms for BAYC inspired by the above story.

:art: Artwork naming format: [BAYC_xxx];

:no_entry: Weekly 6-7: Designing New Year Outfits for 2023 (This theme is closed)

Fam, Happy New Year! 2023 is just around the corner. Let’s say goodbye to 2022, and welcome 2023.

Please design comfortable outfits with positive meanings for the upcoming new year.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Newyear_xxx];

:no_entry: Weekly 4-5: Design for Your Own Fashion Launch Event (This theme is closed)

On November 30, OpenSea announced its support for BSC Chain, which means that the clothes designed by SecondLive Creators will be seen by MORE people. What if taking this exposure opportunity as your own fashion launch event?

Please design the outfits that can best showcase your style.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Mystyle_xxx];

:no_entry: Weekly 3: Customize an Outfit for Optimus (This theme is closed)

As we know, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has showcased his much-touted humanoid robot “Optimus” at the electric vehicle maker’s “AI Day” event. In the released video, we could see a robot carrying a box, watering plants and moving metal bars in the automaker’s factory. Besides, the billionaire also said in the future we could have the robot Optimus work in the Tesla’s factory.

Please design a unique futuristic outfit for Optimus.

:art: Artwork naming format: [Optimus_xxx];

:no_entry: Weekly 2: Buy One BTC Every Day (This theme is closed)

On Nov 17, Nayib Bukele, presidente de El Salvador, tweeted, “We are buying one #Bitcoin
every day starting tomorrow.” In regard to this, some people said that he is not 100% bullish on Cryptocurrency since the amount he bought has decreased. Whereas, some people hold the opinion that he is still in a bullish mood because he hasn’t stopped buying Bitcoin.

What do you think? Please design based on the theme provided. Looking forward to your Works!

:art: Artwork naming format: [BTC_xxx];

:no_entry: Weekly 1: FTX Incident (This theme is closed)

This is only the theme of the first week. FTX scam has caused harm to too many people. We hope to take this opportunity to let more people understand this risk and avoid a bigger crisis next time. Please design based on the theme provided. Looking forward to your Works!

:art: Artwork naming format: [FTX_xxx];

:star: About Weekly Theme

At 12:00 UTC every Wednesday, SecondLive will release the latest design theme on this topic. All creators can design the clothes based on the theme provided. The clothes templates in the SecondLive Avatar Editing Tool are all available. The designs unrelated to the targeted theme will be disqualified for review.

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Week 1 Done V

RJ's creative inspiration comes from every corner of life. Find design inspiration from street, art, sports, news, life, leisure. Suits every inhabitant of the Metaverse.

FTX, as the second largest exchange for digital currencies, had its day. To record FTX highlights and remind people to stay alert!


Clock in the first week!
We should be alert to FTX, an exchange that misappropriates user assets without authorization!!!


Picture says it all, stay safu!

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The end of the FTX era

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Week 1: FTX Incident Done

Week 1 FTX Done

Week1: Done

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