Watch movies to win prizes


Organizer: @zczfb @Breezeandmoon

Topic: Watch movies to win prizes
Time: 12:00 UTC, May 31
Space ID: 14797

How to participate:
Participate in game interaction through designated space venues.
1.Guess the name of the corresponding work by playing the video, 1st place will be awarded 30 beans, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded 20 beans.
2. There are 11 works in total. The top three in the 11th work will each receive 100 BENA. The specific rules shall be formulated by the organizer on the spot.
3.Each video has 5 minutes to answer,the answer is sent to the event site.

Date & Time

May 22 12:00 UTC ~ May 22 13:00 UTC