关于双代币经济模型的看法和建议/Views and suggestions on the dual-token economic model


对于产品的看法: 有三个重要节点,一是成熟基础技术支持,以NFT为载体实现各种NFT的实用化,举几个例子:

  • 电影发行商在SecondLive授权付费播放,持有NFT来作为观影凭证。用户可以在自己的空间与朋友分享影视。
  • 音乐类NFT,除了歌曲本身的播放权和收藏权,SecondLive还应该在底层支持歌曲特效,就像DeadMau5在MANA中的虚拟演唱会一样,整个空间的特效随着音乐律动变化。**用户在自己的空间可以轻松的通过模块定制个性化的娱乐需求。
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There are various consumption scenarios in $BEAN. Artists and creators consume $BEAN to create and cast NFTs. Users consume $BEAN to purchase NFTs and enjoy entertainment experiences. Each consumption scenario is classified into categories and a separate transaction tax (for example, 10%) is established. The tax automatically enters the closed $BEAN pledge pool through the agreement according to the interaction address in the transaction.
SecondLive officially retrieves the participating addresses of the transaction tax every week, and airdrops $LIVE to creators and users in proportion. At the same time, a public $LIVE long-lock-in pledge pool is provided to earn $BEAN, and the $BEAN income can be withdrawn at any time to reduce the consumption cost of users. This can provide good inflation for ecological economic circulation.
Under this design, $BEAN is the main circulation currency for metaverse activities, and $LIVE is a governance token and interest-bearing asset with higher gold content.
The dual-token design should follow the rules of low inflation, practicality, and de-rent-seeking.

Views on products: There are three important nodes, one is mature basic technical support, using NFT as a carrier to realize the practical application of various NFTs, to give a few examples:

  • The movie distributor authorizes paid playback on SecondLive and holds NFT as a viewing certificate. Users can share videos with friends in their own space.
  • Music NFT, in addition to the right to play and collect the song itself, SecondLive should also support song special effects at the bottom layer, just like DeadMau5’s virtual concert in MANA, the special effects of the entire space change with the rhythm of the music. **Users can easily customize personalized entertainment needs through modules in their own space.
  • DeadMau5 Decentraland FULL SHOW Mosh Pit Metaverse Festival - YouTube
    Compared with offline real life, the biggest advantage of metaverse digital entertainment is the free, rich and easily customizable personalized entertainment experience.

Second, the reshaping of users’ consumption concept. Obviously, it is impossible for users to satisfy the actual needs of the flesh, such as appetite, through the Internet. The metaverse is more about the upgrade of pleasure on the spiritual level.
Imagine a scene where the creators of the virtual bar space cooperate with artists to create glasses of cocktails with gorgeous special effects that look like works of art. These cocktails consume a certain amount of $Bean to cast, and users spend $BEAN to buy cocktail NFT and experience digital technology A dream experience by design (showing the production process in the form of art and providing drinkers with other VIP benefits).
In the end, the cocktail enters the user’s wallet as SBT, which can be displayed as a digital collection in one’s own private space, and can also be used as a source of social conversation in the Metaverse and a consideration indicator for subsequent loyalty programs.

The third is the maturity of VR hardware facilities. In the future, whether SecondLive can be highly compatible with various VR devices and bring users a smooth and comfortable experience will become the key.

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