TopGoal Uniform Design Competition


#SecondLive collaborates with 
 to start Fashion Design Competition!

🏆Total Rewards: $1000 $TMT

⏰ Work Submission: 12:00 PM, 7 Sep - 14 Sep 2022 (UTC)



Date & Time

Sep 22 12:00 UTC ~ Sep 22 12:00 UTC

Lets see yours designs, I didnt see familiar names in the winning list and would like to see your designs guys

I think what is wanted is for the logo and brand to be written in large fonts. For this reason, we may be left out of the list. however, such a design is impossible for me, because everything has a measure. A coat of arms, labels, and text should not exceed a certain size, unless of course our goal is to make something like a billboard. Advertising signage, if desired, I can do it, but an outfit should have a measure of what is on it and should not be exaggerated. Of course, this is my personal opinion.

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I thought of that reasons too thats why i did this one pretty quick and simple but in the end you never know, logo is clearly visible on your design but again I think its just diferent taste or lighter involvemnt in the process of picking the finalist.
Anyway another great work Multi, this would be my top pick if it made the list. (you upped the laces and the rest graphic/shadow/texture again hehe even more realistic now love it)

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Voting has concluded, Congratulations to the Winners.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting.
You can use the link to review the winning designs in detail.