Theme: Hunt Treasures in Rh!noX’s Brand Space to share 30, 000 $BEAN


The brand space of Rh!noX in SecondLive has been built and available online. To celebrate it, Rh!noX joins hands with SecondLive to launch Hunting Treasures for Rhinox Hat Holders.

During the activity, participants shall wear any Rh!noX’s Hat (Pink Hat, Brown Hat or Blue Hat) to pick up gold coins in Rh!nox’s Brand Space sharing 30,000 $BEAN.

 ⏰ Duration: 12:00 — 14:00 UTC, Jan 17 — Jan 21, 2023

Entrance: Rh!noX’s brand space [](


Only Rhinox Hat Holders are eligible for the Hunting Treasures in Rh!nox Brand Space. 

If you have been whitelisted for free mint the Hat but haven’t minted it, please mint the Hat first, then join the activity. Whitelisted users through previous Gleam Task/ Quest 3 and the Rhinox NFT holders can directly mint the Hat. Please click the corresponding mint url to mint your Rhinox Hat: 

**Pink Rh!nox Hat NFT :**[](

**Brown Rh!nox Hat NFT:**[](

**Blue Rh!nox Hat NFT:**[](

Date & Time

Jan 23 12:00 UTC ~ Jan 23 12:00 UTC