The Most Popular Halloween Costumes


On the occasion of Halloween 🎃, SecondLive is going to launch a “Most Popular Halloween Costumes” campaign for all its community members, during which users can apply to be an Avatar Creator to design costumes for Halloween. You can click on SecodLive Creator for more information about creators.

🎁 Ⅰ. Rewards
During the campaign, the top 5 best-selling Halloween-themed costumes will win the following awards:

1️⃣ The First Prize: 3,000 $BEAN

2️⃣ The Second Prize: 1,500 $BEAN

3️⃣ The Third Prize: 1,000 $BEAN

4️⃣ The Fourth Prize: 800 $BEAN

5️⃣ The Fifth Prize: 500 $BEAN

6️⃣ Engagement Reward: Those who don’t rank into the above Top 5 will each receive 100 $BEAN as an award.

✅ Ⅱ. Rules
Participants shall first apply to become an Avatar Creator , then they will be eligible for this campaign;
All Halloween costumes listed on SecondLive Marketplace shall be prefixed with “Halloween”, for example, “Halloween — Pumpkin Costume”;
During the campaign, the Top 5 best-selling Halloween costumes in line with the above rules will be awarded with the before mentioned prizes;
The designs submitted by participants shall be original. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited;
Those who break the rules and cheat during the campaign will be disqualified.
⏰ Ⅲ. Time
Sales counting of Halloween costumes: 8:00 UTC, Oct 21-Nov 3 2022

Winner announcement & award distribution: Nov 4 2022 UTC

📖 Ⅳ. Costumes design tutorial

📍 Ⅴ. Apply to be an Avatar Creator:

Date & Time

Oct 22 12:00 UTC ~ Nov 22 12:00 UTC
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