Step into the Whirlwind of SecondLive’s Metaverse Merriment


Hold onto your virtual reindeer, because SecondLive and our festive crew of 12 partners including MathWallet, BurgerCities, BinaryX, ChainGPT, COMBO, DEGO, Climbers,, Footballcraft, Zebec, OpenTaskAI and BetFury, are turning up the holiday heat with a jolly celebration, boasting a treasure trove of NFTs, $BEAN, and a whopping $3,600 in tokens! Here’s a sneak peek at the madness we’ve cooked up for you:

Activity 1: Xmas Wearables NFT Raffle — Suit Up for the Sleigh Ride
No holiday fiesta is complete without some snazzy attire. We’ve got Santa Hat and a dazzling array of uniquely branded fashion pieces for you. Wear them not only for the dazzling events below but also to soak up the festive vibes and keep your avatar on-point.

⏰ Duration: 12:00, Dec 18, 2023–14:00, Jan 4, 2024(UTC)

To Snag a Santa Hat:

Step 1️⃣: Complete any project’s task and mint OAT:

Step 2️⃣: Mint the Santa Hat:

For Fashionistas👇

Mint Branded Fashions:

Activity 2: AR Globetrotters — Take Your Avatar on a Sleigh Ride
Become an AR Globetrotter by bringing your avatar to life! Deck your avatar with the Santa Hat and any project’s exclusive branded outfit. Lead your avatar on an enchanting quest, exploring local landmarks adorned with Xmas cheer or New Year’s dazzle. Capture the excitement, share it on Twitter, and let the world witness your avatar’s fantastic journey!

⏰ Duration: 12:00, Dec 19, 2023–14:00, Jan 4, 2024(UTC)

How to Participate:

🟣 Dress up your avatar with both the Santa Hat and any project’s exclusive branded outfit;

🟣 Open SecondLive mobile App & click “AR” & take a video ≥ 30 secs;

🟣 Tweet “ I’m from xx (your city or country) and joining the thrilling @SecondLiveReal AR Globetrotters Campaign! Watch my avatar’s incredible Xmas/ New Year adventures in the city! 🗺️🎬” and attach the video.

🟣 Fill:

📖 SecondLive AR Guide:


🏆 1st Place: 40 $USDT / 1

🥈 2nd — 10th Place: 10 $USDT / 1

🥉 11st — 44th Place: 5 $USDT / 1

🏅45th — 65th Place: 300 $BEAN / 1

💎 Participation Reward: 100 $BEAN / each participant

‼️Note: The video backdrop should showcase local landmarks adorned with delightful Xmas elements or a New Year’s atmosphere.

Winners Evaluation:

🏅 Judging Criteria: Tweet content, video quality, and Twitter engagement.

🏅 Multiple tweets allowed from one Twitter account, but each account is eligible for only one prize.

🏅Cheating and plagiarism strictly prohibited. SecondLive retains the right to make all final decisions.

Activity 3: Xmas Carnival — Gold Fever in SecondLive Xmas Space
Don your Santa Hat, slip into required project’s branded attire, and brace yourself for a Christmas & New Year’s treasure hunt extravaganza! Step into the enchanting SecondLive Xmas Space and start hunting gold coins scattered on the floor. It’s an epic adventure where Christmas wonders await at every pixelated turn.

⏰ Duration: 12:00–14:00, Dec 24, 2023 — Jan 4, 2024 (UTC)

🤑 Prize Pool: $3200 Tokens + $BEAN

📖 Guide to Dress Up Your Avatar: Coming soon

📖 Guide to Enter Xmas Space: Coming soon

Follow the schedule diligently to be a part of our Xmas Carnival 👇
Fasten your seatbelts, folks! This Xmas bash is about to take you on a digital sleigh ride! 🚀🎄

Date & Time

Dec 23 12:00 UTC ~ Jan 24 12:00 UTC