Space Bug

I found 3 bugs in space. First photo and third one when you climb this statue you can fall there and you are stucked. Second is when you click on play puzzle thru someone it shows you interactions even in puzzles.


Yeah, I had the same bug near this statue.
Also, sometimes puzzle pieces glue together incorrectly, at least visually (still you can complete the session), but I guess now it’s rather of minor importance since they are to be replaced soon by TH or/and other games.
Plus, some coins in TH appear on the building parts and due to that are unclaimable (or claimable only when they are at a moment in their rotation which allows for a quick claim).

  • For puzzle game issue, please ignore it. We will replace it by another interesting game soon
  • For TH task with un-claimable coin. We tracked it in bug list but it just a minor issue at now. So, we will fix it late. Sorry for the inconvenience that it caused. Please pick another coin instead
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