SecondLive Xmas&New Year


It’s Christmas and New Year’s time! Together with BSC, SecondLive will celebrate festivals with global users in the MVB pavilion. We’ve also invited over a hundred partners to join us. Gifts with a total worth of $150,000 and collector edition NFT will be given away!

We will launch our nine-day celebration campaigns at 12:00 UCT on Jan.6. The eligible users from all over the world can participate to win rewards, including sponsors’ tokens and 3D NFT.

I. How to participate in #SecondLive & BSC Xmas New Year
Our nine-day #SecondLive & BSC Xmas New Year campaigns are open to all eligible users.

Some campaigns will require you to finish certain tasks. For example, you may need to finish tasks posted on our social media, boost your favorite projects in the pavilion, watch live streams, or hunt treasure. You are more than welcome to take part in multiple events to increase your chance of winning. Please note, however, that each event has its own special rules.

The celebration campaigns will take place in the MVB pavilion that SecondLive built for BSC. It’s a nine-day series of events with the first one starting on Jan. 6 and the last finishes on Jan.14. If you still haven’t created your SecondLive account, now is the best time! Celebrate with us in Metaverse!

Registration link:

Campaign entrance:

MVB pavilion:

Date & Time

Jan 22 12:00 UTC ~ Jan 22 12:00 UTC