SecondLive x Space ID Integration Giveaway Campaign


Join SecondLive’s integration with Space ID and win $BEAN and NFT rewards! As part of our collaboration, SecondLive will integrate and display Space ID domains and launch exciting activities with attractive rewards!

### 1️⃣ Activity: Space ID Domain Name Binding Rewards

If you hold a Space ID domain name, sign and bind it to SecondLive for display. After successfully bound, you will get rewarded with 60 $BEAN.

⏰ Duration: long-time


### 2️⃣ Activity: Exclusive Space ID Domain Name TV Head NFT

Space ID domain name holders can free mint unique TV Head NFTs on SecondLive, in which their domain name will be displayed. The TV Head can be worn by user’s SecondLive avatar and used to participate in exclusive $BEAN airdrops activity in Space ID Brand Space.

**Where to mint Space ID Domain Name TV Head NFT:**

Click to claim the TV Head NFT reward. If you haven’t got one Space ID domain name, you can click “Get Domain Name” to obtain one.

⏰ Duration: long-time

### 3️⃣ Activity: $BEAN Airdrops in Space ID Brand Space

Users who hold the Space ID TV Head NFT can pick up exclusive gift boxes ($BEAN) in Space ID Brand Space. The airdrop will last 7 days with a prize pool of 50,000 $BEAN.

📍 Space ID Brand Space Entry:

⏰ Time: 12:00–14:00, March 15 — March 21 2023 (UTC)

Date & Time

Mar 23 12:00 UTC ~ Mar 23 12:00 UTC