SecondLive x BetFury Campaign:Visit BetFury brand space to share 30, 000 $BEAN + $BFG and NFT


BetFury brand space has been built in SecondLive metaverse, and is already available online. To celebrate it, SecondLive and BetFury jointly launch the following activities. Come and join us to grab lucrative tokens and NFT gifts.

📍Click to visit BetFury Brand Space:

Check out the celebration activities 👇

### 1️⃣ Activity: Do the task to obtain BetFury’s official uniform NFT

⏰ Duration: Feb 13, 2023–10:00, Feb 17, 2022 (UTC)

✅ Complete Gleam Task:

After completing Gleam Task, you will be eligible to free mint an official uniform of Betfury:

Mint duration: Feb 17- Feb 24 (UTC)

### 2️⃣ Activity: Hunt Treasures in BetFury’s brand space

⏰ Duration: 12:00–14:00 UTC, Feb 20 2023-Feb 24 2023

❓How to join: During the activity, users wearing BetFury’s official uniform could pick up the gold coins in BetFury’s brand space sharing 30,000 $BEAN.

📍 BetFury Brand Space entrance:

### 3️⃣ Activity: Share brand space visiting video on TikTok and Twitter

📍Duration: Feb 17, 2023- 12:00, Feb 22, 2023 (UTC)

❓How to join:

Follow @betfury_gaming & @SecondLiveReal Twitter
Follow SecondLive’s TikTok
Wear BetFury uniform, visit BetFury’s brand space and record a video (no less than 10s)and share it both on TikTok and Twitter:

— share it on Tiktok with the tags #Metaverse# #SecondLive# #BetFuryBrandSpace

— share it on Twitter @betfury_gaming & @SecondLiveReal

Fill in the form:
🤑 During the activity, the Top 20 participants who fastest share the video both on TikTok and Twitter will win 1,000 $BFG each person, and the others who also share the video on Tiktok and Twitter will get 300 $BEAN each one.

Date & Time

Feb 23 12:00 UTC ~ Feb 23 12:00 UTC