SecondLive & Rh!nox Uniform Design Competition


SecondLive, a 3D virtual Metaverse, aims to build a parallel metaverse based on Web3 gradually. Part of the ecology it envisioned includes brand spaces and virtual merchandise specifically designed for each project partner.

### Ⅰ. Metaverse Branding Program — Create Tailormade Metaverse Uniform for Web3 Projects

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Rh!nox collaborates with SecondLive to kick off Uniform Design Competition. The competition invites creative designers to customize uniforms for Rh!nox on the theme of Valentine’s Day. Rh!nox Team will directly evaluates and decides the final winning works. The winning designs will be used as the Rh!nox’s official uniforms in SecondLive

### Ⅱ. Rewards

Rh!nox sponsors a total of $800 USDT rewards. The details are as follows:

* First Prize (1 winner): $200 USDT
* Second Prize (2 winners): $100 USDT
* Third Prize (3 winners): $50 USDT
* Lucky Prize (25 winners): $10 USDT

### Ⅲ. About the Competition

**📖 Introduction**

Contestants can create outfits (including tops, bottoms, and shoes) for Rh!nox using SecondLive latest Avatar Editing Tools-Gobeti. Contestants are required to design one outfit for men and one for women.

**✅ Rules**

* All submitted clothes shall be designed for Rh!nox on the theme of Valentine’s Day.
* Please design clothes with the Avatar Editing Tool – Gobeti. Contestants are allowed to use all clothing models. There are two styles: AGC style and realistic style. Contestants need to choose one to design. Unrelated works will be disqualified for award evaluation.
* Contestants should submit two outfits with the same clothing style, one for males and one for females. For example, if contestants choose the ACG style, they should submit one ACG male outfit and one female ACG outfit; if contestants choose the realistic style, they should submit one realistic male outfit and one female realistic outfit. The design works against this rule will be disqualified for award evaluation.
**⏰ Timeline:**

Work Submission: 7 Feb — 12:00, 18 Feb 2023 (UTC)
Winning Works Evaluation: 19 Feb — 20 Feb 2023 (UTC)
Results Announcement: 21 Feb 2023 (UTC)
All works submitted should be completely original. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

The Rh!nox team will contact winners after the event and distribute the rewards.

### Ⅳ. Submit

* [Design materials](
* [Submission link](
* [Avatar(Clothes) Editing Tutorial](
* [Avatar Editing Tool Download](

### Ⅴ. Requirements for Works Submission

Requirements for the works

* All submitted works should be in 3D format. They can be created and submitted via SecondLive Avatar Editing Tool — Gobeti. There is no limitation on the graphic style.
* All works should be original and follow the theme of the contest. Please do not include any sensitive content (political sarcasm, pornographic content, etc).

**Rules on submission**

* Contestants may submit multiple works, but only one work could be selected for award evaluation.
* The winning designs will be minted as NFT works. Project sponsors have the final right to use the winning designs as they see fit.
**About the evaluation process**

* All submitted works will be evaluated by Rh!nox. The Project Rh!nox will decide the final winning works.

Date & Time

Feb 23 12:00 UTC ~ Feb 23 12:00 UTC