SecondLive Referral Program Goes Live!


### Ⅰ. About Referral Reward Ranking Campaign

SecondLive Referral Program goes online! Meanwhile, we also launch Referral Reward Ranking Campaign, in which Top 30 participants with most referral rewards will get extra referral bonus. The prize pool is 500,000$BEANs.

⏰ Duration: March 13 — April 13 2023 (UTC)

🤑 Referral Bonus: Top 30 will share the prize pool of 500,000 $BEAN. The allocation is as follows:

* Top 1: 250,000 $BEAN
* Top 2: 100,000 $BEAN
* Top 3: 50,000 $BEAN
* Top 4-Top 5: 17,500 $BEAN
* Top 6-Top 10: 5,000 $BEAN
* Top 11-Top 20: 3,000 $BEAN
* Top 21-Top 30: 2,000 $BEAN

🙋‍♂️ Who can participate: users that have signed up to SecondLive and have their referral ID/ Referral URL/ QR Code

**Referral Rules:**

* The invitees register and successfully log in to SecondLive through inviter’s referral ID or Referral URL/ QR Code, then the referral relations will be set up between inviter and invitees. From then on, every time invitees earn the $BEANs, SecondLive will reward inviter with certain percentage of invitees’ $BEAN revenue;
* During the activity, the higher rank of your referral rewards, the higher extra referral bonus you could obtain;
* The referral rewards for the ranking will be collected during the campaign. After that, the newly added referral rewards won’t be calculated for the ranking;
* After the campaign, corresponding referral bonus will be distributed to winners’ SecondLive account within 1 week.
Check out your Referral Rewards Ranking:

### Ⅱ. About Referral Program

All SecondLive users can refer friends
👩‍🏫 How to do: find your referral ID, Referral URL or QR Code in “Referral”-”Profile”, and send any them to your friends. After they register and successfully log in to SecondLive, the referral relation between you and your invitee will be set up. From then on, every time your invitees earn the $BEANs, SecondLive will reward you with certain percentage of their $BEAN revenue.

**Referral Tiers and Referral Reward**

1️⃣ Tier 1 referral: If you directly invite friends to SecondLive, every time your friends get $BEAN, you will be simultaneously rewarded with 5% of their $BEAN earnings;

2️⃣ Tier 2 referral: If your friend invites their friends, every time their friends get $BEAN, you will be simultaneously rewarded with 1% of their friends’ $BEAN earnings.

❗️Note: To ensure fairness, we will carefully monitor every referring. If any violations, including but not limited to using bots, scamming, cheating, etc., SecondLive has the right to disqualify him/her and revoke their award qualification.

Date & Time

Mar 23 12:00 UTC ~ Apr 23 12:00 UTC