SecondLive Fashion Show: To Be a Style Icon in Metaverse


I bet you have already got some stunning outfits from the SecondLive marketplace and hidden them in your wardrobe. Do you want to become a style icon? Do you want to initiate a new style that others may follow? Here is the chance — SecondLive is going to launch a Fashion Show. It’s your time to wow everybody else.

This is a fashion show as well as a competition, which is open to everybody to join. Put on your favorite clothes, find an epic view, take a selfie/record a video in SecondLive and share them in the forum. That’s it. The photos/videos are allowed to be recreated if necessary. Let us know how creative you are!

SecondLive officials will review all the sharings on the event page and distribute rewards to the winning ones. Just a gentle reminder — the works submitted against rules will be disqualified for award evaluation.

📖 Rules
Participants shall submit the following information:

User ID
Fashion show works (photo/video)
Profile page link: ID (You can also find this link by clicking the Profile icon and clicking “Preview” button at the lower part of the page)

Participants can submit their works via making a post on SecondLive Forum( After this activity is announced, participants can post on the activity page.
All clothes and accessories in SecondLive would be wearable for this show.
All the works shall be submitted in the form of photos or videos.
The above rules shall be strictly followed by participants to make a post.

⏰ Timeline
Work Submission: 12:00 UTC, Sep 8 - 15 2022

Winner Announcement: 12:00 UTC, Sep 16 2022

Reward Distribution: Sep 16, 2022

🏆 Rewards
Style Icon Award: 1 x 300 $BEAN

Creative Star Award: 3 x 100 $BEAN

WOW Award: 20 x 40 $BEAN

Date & Time

Sep 22 12:00 UTC ~ Sep 22 12:00 UTC

look at my amazing outfit :innocent: :yum:


Me after finishing the AMA about “How to plant bamboo in the metaverse”, only 2 Pandas assisted but it was fun.

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This is one of the most perfect fashions I have ever seen!
The view standing high up is so beautiful as the fashion on me

I have a house facing the sea.
I have a suit with a colorful skeleton.

Gold-colored clothes are a status symbol and look very handsome.

I found the perfect scene to put on my panda suit, nice-

I’ve put on my BetFury Outfit and I’m ready for the Party on Mars. If anyone wants to come, I will make the ship wait. :grinning: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rocket: :tada:

Are there planes here too?

Men, wear skirts!

A handsome man wearing stylish skirt outfits in a blossoming garden: did you see how the skirt sets off his muscular thighs?

Dance, Dance, Dance

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Cool graffiti costumes are the most summer in the swimming pool!

Ink painting in black and white style, with Chinese style clothing, which goes well with greenery and blue sky

Of course, formal attire is required when visiting art galleries. This costume on me is a work of art in itself. It goes well with the exhibition hall!

Ooh, you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
Ooh, see that girl, watch that scene, digging the dancing queen

I am sailing, I am sailing, home again, 'cross the sea
I am sailing, stormy waters, to be near you, to be free

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.


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Burger delivery to your doors

If you trading you can always bet on BetFury

Ready for action!! Go go!!

Casual look for stroll thru the city

Work hard to achive your goals


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beautiful scene in SecondLive.

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