🌞 SecondLive Fashion Show(Ⅱ): To Be a Style Icon in Metaverse

I bet you have already got some stunning outfits from the SecondLive marketplace and hidden them in your wardrobe. Do you want to become a style icon? Do you want to initiate a new style that others may follow? Here is the chance — SecondLive is going to launch a second fashion show. It’s your time to wow everybody else.

This is a fashion show as well as a competition, which is open to everybody to join. Put on your favorite clothes, find an epic view, take a selfie/record a video in SecondLive Catwalk Space and share them in the forum. That’s it. The photos/videos are allowed to be recreated if necessary. Let us know how creative you are!

SecondLive officials will review all the sharings on the event page and distribute rewards to the winning ones. Just a gentle reminder — the works submitted against rules will be disqualified for award evaluation.

:open_book: Rules

Participants shall submit the following information:

  • Wallet address
  • Fashion show works (photo/video)
  • Participants can submit their works via making a post on SecondLive Forum() After this activity is announced, participants can post on the activity page.
  • All clothes and accessories in SecondLive would be wearable for this show.
  • All the works shall be submitted in the form of photos or videos.
  • The above rules shall be strictly followed by participants to make a post.

:alarm_clock: Timeline

  • Work Submission: 12:00 UTC, Nov 23–1 Dec 2022
  • Winner Announcement: 12:00 UTC, 2 Dec 2022
  • Reward Distribution: Dec 3, 2022

:trophy: Rewards

  • Style Icon Award: 2 * 300 BEAN
  • Creative Star Award: 10 * 150 BEAN
  • WOW Award: 15 * 60 BEAN

Feel the charm of the new venue.

These are all clothes designed by RJ, which one do you like best? Imagine how cool it would be to travel through the metaverse in these cool costumes! !

RJ’s creative inspiration comes from every corner of life. Find design inspiration from street, art, sports, news, life, leisure. Suits every inhabitant of the Metaverse.

Wallet address:0xD5EC264ab3EF0fc4aa47fD77C9Cf8565397FfaCE

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I love Secondlive



Joining the SecondLive family is like touching the stars, fantastic and fascinating. Greetings to the whole family. :family_woman_woman_girl_boy: :star2:



Metaverse Catwalk with my love dog



So cooool! Love Secondlive :heart_eyes:



Really Nice Space.I love it!
BSC address: 0x1Cb2D2F607AA75B20f5F4fcF00deC8a724Bc3cAC


[video*]secondlive 2022 11 24 09 43 41 _HueANh9091_ Fashion Show - YouTube

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