SecondLive Christmas Carnival — Dance Party


As Christmas is approaching, SecondLive will launch a Christmas Carnival-Dance Party with the projects that have released their official uniforms in SecondLive. Participants need to complete tasks of the activities so as to grab the rewards, like completing the tasks on Twitter, sharing the Christmas dance video of the project, watching dance performances and joining Lucky Draw as well as hunting treasures in Christmas Space. In order to get more rewards, participants could take part in all activities of Christmas Carnival. Please notice that the rules vary from activity to activity.

### Ⅰ. Activity Timeline

Since the time of every activity is different, do please keep a close eye on SecondLive Twitter (, thus you won’t miss any activity. The details of the activities are as follows:

* Share the Christmas Dance Video of the project to obtain a Christmas Santa Hat NFT (Dec 18 — Dec 24, 2022)
* Watch dance performances and join live streaming Lucky Draw (Dec 25 — Dec 27, 2022)
* Hunt treasures in Christmas Space (Dec 25 — Dec 27, 2022)

### Ⅱ. Activity 1: Share project’s Christmas Dance Video

⏰ Duration: 12:00 Dec 18-Dec 24 2022 (UTC)

❓How to join:

✅ Step 1: Participants will be eligible for free mint Christmas Santa Hat NFT through sharing the project’s Christmas Dance Video . Participants wearing the Hat could continuously take part in the following two activities;

✅ Step 2: Click Christmas Santa Hat NFT Mint Page and mint your Hat.

Projects that set tasks for Christmas Santa Hat:



👉BetFury: start in 12/19

👉Rh!nox: start in 12/19

👉BugerCities: start in 12/19

👉Lend: start in 12/20

👉Zebec: start in 12/20

👉MetaApes: start in 12/20

### Ⅲ. Activity 2: Watch dance performances and join Lucky Draw

⏰ Duration: 12:00 Dec 25 — Dec 27 (UTC)

❓How to join:

✅ Login to SecondLive (Client), enter SecondLive Christmas Space, watch dance performances, and join live streaming Lucky Draw.

🤑 Rewards: During the Lucky Draw, winners will be randomly chosen among the qualified participants on site to share the project partners’ sponsorship(Token).

### Ⅳ. Activity 3: Hunt Treasures

⏰ Duration: 12:30 Dec 25–13:30 Dec 27 2022 (UTC)

❓How to join:

✅ Login to SecondLive and enter Christmas Space. During the activity, $BEAN & Token Sponsorship will be airdropped for the participants in Christmas Space.

🤑 Rewards:

Date & Time

Dec 22 12:00 UTC ~ Dec 22 12:00 UTC