SecondLive Brand Clothing Design Competition

Ⅰ. About the Competition

SecondLive will attend multiple offline events globally in 2023 as an exhibitor. We invite Creators to design T-shirt for SecondLive that can be worn in real life. Creators use SecondLive Avatar Editing Tool — Gobetti to design exclusive tops for SecondLive. There are no limitations on gender or creative style, but only high-quality and rule-abiding works are welcomed.

Ⅱ. Rewards

Join SecondLive Brand Clothing Design Competition and you’ll get a chance to win big! Reward details:

  1. The contestant whose work is chosen as SecondLive official offline T-shirt, will receive a physical T-shirt and a corresponding T-shirt NFT;
  2. All valid work contestants, can also receive a SecondLive official T-shirt NFT. Some outstanding contestants can have a chance to win a physical one;
  3. Plus, all valid work contestants will receive a participation prize of 500 $BEAN. Please note that one contestant can win this prize once.

Ⅲ. Rules

  1. Design theme: SecondLive Brand T-shirt
  2. T-shirt brand elements suggested:

Ⅳ. How to participate:

  • Design the work based on the theme and submit it for review. Works unrelated to the theme will not be considered for evaluation;
  • After your work is completed, you need to name your work in the format: [sl_creator name] to submit;
  • Submit your work and wait for review. The review time during working days is 24–48 hours;
  • If you are not a Creator yet, please register and apply. We will process your application within 24 hours: SecondLive Creators Whitelist Application
  • Work style: T-shirt, no gender restriction. One person can submit multiple designs (Designs against the rules will be disqualified for work evaluation).
  • Work submission: 12:00 March 3 — March 10 2023 (UTC)

Ⅴ. Requirements for Work Submission

All submitted works should be in 3D format. They can be created and submitted via SecondLive Avatar Editing Tool — Gobeti. There is no limitation on the graphic style;

Please keep the source files that can be printed for the created manuscripts. If the work finally wins an award, we will contact the creator to submit the source files;

All works should be original and follow the theme of the contest. Please do not include any sensitive content (political sarcasm, pornographic content, etc).


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