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Telegram: @Ryoji_207 and @Phuthuysanrong
Discord: Thõ#3906 and Phuthuysanrong#9858
🗣Topic: Quizzes And Rewards Content SecondLive
⏰Time: 14:00 (UTC) Sunday, June 12 Start Quizzes
       Content Thursday, June 9 - 8:00 (UTC) Sunday, June 12
🎯Space ID: 15294

🤩How to participate: Create content and upload your content topics about SecondLive to Twitter
Fill in the form:

✍️ Rules:  
Part1: quizzes topic project SecondLive and the person who answers the question the fastest and most correctly will be the winner

Part2: top content people who get the most retweets and likes will be the winners (1 like 1 point, 1 retweet 2 points). Results will be closed and scored at 8:00 UTC on Sunday, June 12, then results will be live Space 15294 at 14:00 UTC on the same day

The reward content will be streamed directly through the information from the form

All winners Quizzes will be registered by the organizer and they need to contact the organizer via SNS and the organizer will proceed with the distribution of prizes immediately after the game ends.

🏆 Reward: Total 1000 BEAN
Part1: 300 Bean ( 50 1 round )
Part2: 700 Bean ( reward 300-250-150 )

Date & Time

Jun 22 15:00 UTC ~ Jun 22 21:45 UTC