Quizzes And Lucky Draw Week 2


Telegram: @Ryoji_207 and @Phuthuysanrong
Discord: Thõ#3906 and Phuthuysanrong#9858
🗣Topic: Quizzes And Lucky Draw
⏰Time: 14:00 (UTC) Thursday, May 19
🎯Space ID: 14414

🤩How to participate: everyone just needs to pre-register for each spin before the organizer adds to the spin and everyone present in Space can participate in the quiz game

✍️ Rules: before each dialing, there will be 5 minutes of registration and will be done after that. In total there will be 5 spins and 3 quizzes and the person who answers the question the fastest and most correctly will be the winner
All winners will be registered by the organizer and they need to contact the organizer via SNS and the organizer will proceed with the distribution of prizes immediately after the game ends.

🏆 Reward: Total 1000 $BEAN

Date & Time

May 22 14:00 UTC ~ May 22 15:00 UTC