Personal Space ship bedrom for new users and everybody in SecondLive

I got a plan scheme for new users and everybody in SecondLive. “Space bedrom” (could be small space like space ship bedrom for boys and girls)…I’m attaching a photo below for better imagination (stock image, not mine). So this space could be created by free minting only once per address, without VP, not transferable, not profiting. There could be some build in mini game to obtain beans, maybe seed your beans to get more :sweat_smile: like planting them, water them and harvest them after they grow up. This Space could be found in tab Space->My Space->Create your space tab which will be replaced by creating your own space not only purchased.

Next scheme: SecondLive reminds me and it’s somehow similair to SecondLife, don’t know what others think. Just only with name nothing to do with core! So I was brainstorming and SecondLive is strongly build by Space’s and also in the logo is Space - planet. And a name came to my mind with a title: “SpaceLive”.It’s innovative and something new. This is just for thought.

  • Would you like to have personal Space Ship Bedrom with growing beans?
  • Yes!
  • No, I got already baked beans in my storage which is space xD

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I think it should definitely be, growing beans, they can be done in any area, maybe, but the bedroom, this is a special subject, so the bedroom for adults should already be, special areas where people who meet in the game, couples who are friends and lovers can spend time in order to strengthen the social structure. (hug, sleep, even sex). I do not think that virtual life is very different from real life. If we are going to spend half of a day in this environment and there will be other people here, then this is already a part of our lives and I think that content should be produced on every possible subject in the environment.