OArtsLab Spaces & Info

Hello Forum Members, here is OArtsLab Founder (Space Creator on Second Live).

OArtsLab Company is born to push NFTs on BNBChain, this include also live events on Metaverse.
We have choosen SecondLive because actually is one of best Metaverse supporting (also) BSC NFTs.

Recently we dropped some spaces on SecondLive and few of them was sold to Second Live Community.

Here some of them :point_down:

Recently OArtsLab announced the OArtsLab Mint Pass, a special pass that will give some benefits to the holders on all future NFT Collections of this project.

The mint process will follow this steps :point_down:
·WL Mint
·Public Mint
All whitelisted people will get a 25% discount of public price.

Some projects collaborated with us to whitelist their TOP Holders, here we’re announcing that we will whitelist all address that have buy (or will buy) OArtsLab Spaces on SecondLive will be automatically whitelisted.

The snapshot will be done on 25 September, this mean all future buy until this day will be inserted in the whitelist.

Thanks to read all post,