Not loading

the space is loaded by 90% tell me what can be done?
wallet number

You can try clearing the page’s cache and reloading

It does not help me. Still 90% and does not work.

Try switching network again

It does not work.

There may be a problem with your video card. Your video card may be insufficient. You can try updating your drivers.

Here is my screenshot. Is it not enough for secondlive?

I had no problems before the last update of the secondlive…

Can you try to go directly to the pink apartment area without entering the start area.

90% and stop on every attempt to enter any space

I will refer the matter to the technical team. They will reply to you when their problem is solved. Stay tuned to the topic.

same problem

Could you drop your wallet address here so I can send to dev team to investigate? Maybe issue come from your account, not from your device, Bro


Are you currently using the latest version of the client? We have fixed this problem, please download the latest client

it doesn’t help