New Year, New Dynomite: Celebrate at Angry Dynomites Lab Brand Space


Hey, party animals! 💃 Get ready to rock the metaverse because the Angry Dynomites Lab Brand Space is officially live in the happening SecondLive Metaverse.

In cahoots with Angry Dynomites Lab, we’ve cooked up a New Year celebration that’s more explosive than a dynamite convention — complete with activities, competitions, and rewards that’ll make your virtual pockets jingle (NFTs, 500 USDT, and $BEAN).

Activity 1: Angry Dynomites Lab Outfit NFTs — Step into the New Year in Style
Dress up your avatar with the sassiest Angry Dynomites Lab Outfit NFTs for an adventure-packed New Year, including the AR Globetrotters Campaign and a Treasure Hunt that’ll give Indiana Jones a run for his money. Don’t miss this chance to leave your mark on the New Year celebrations. Let the excitement of the New Year propel you into a world of virtual exploration and endless possibilities!

To snag those Outfit NFTs:

1️⃣ Completing Galxe tasks and claim OAT:

2️⃣ Mint Outfit NFT:

⏰ Task & Mint Duration: 12:00 Dec 26, 2023–14:00 Jan 9, 2024 (UTC)

💰 Extra Bonus: 20 lucky Galxe Task completers share 60 $USDT! Cha-ching!

Activity 2: AR Globetrotters — Celebrate the New Year Globally with Your Avatar
Dress your avatar in Angry Dynomites Lab exclusive branded outfit, teleport your avatar into your real life via SecondLive AR feature, and join the New Year bash in your city. Think dazzling firework displays, block-rocking street parties, and family gatherings — your avatar’s gonna be the life of the party. Capture the thrills and spill the deets on Twitter!

⏰ Time: 12:00 Dec 27, 2023–14:00 Jan 9, 2024 (UTC)

How to Participate:

🟣 Dress up your avatar with the Angry Dynomites Lab’s Outfit.

🟣 Open the SecondLive mobile App, click on “AR,” and record a video of your avatar’s adventure for at least 30 seconds.

🟣 Tweet “I’m ringing in the New Year as a part of the thrilling @SecondLiveReal AR Globetrotters Campaign! Watch my avatar’s incredible journey and join the celebration! 🗺️🎬” Attach the video to your tweet.

🟣 Fill:

📖 SecondLive AR Guide:

‼️Note: Make sure your video backdrop screams New Year’s vibes.


🏆 1st Place: 20 $USDT / 1

🥈 2nd — 10th Place: 10 $USDT / 1

🥉 11st — 28th Place: 5 $USDT / 1

🏅 29th — 60th Place: 300 $BEAN / 1

💎 Participation Reward: 100 $BEAN / each participant

Winners Evaluation:

🏅 Judging Criteria: Tweet content, video quality, and Twitter engagement.

🏅 Multiple tweets allowed from one Twitter account, but each account is eligible for only one prize.

🏅Cheating and plagiarism strictly prohibited. SecondLive retains the right to make all final decisions.

Activity 3: Treasure Hunt — The Grand Finale of the New Year Celebration
Dive into the fabulous world of Angry Dynomites Brand Space, where two rounds of treasure hunts are waiting to make you richer than a virtual pirate. Suit up in your exclusive Angry Dynomites Lab gear and dive into this immersive world where gold coins are just waiting to be snatched.

⏰ Duration: 12:00–14:00, Jan 8 — Jan 9, 2024 (UTC)

🤑 Treasures Await: 240 $USDT + $BEAN

📍Angry Dynomites Lab Brand Space:

📲 Join with your mobile:

1️⃣ Enter SecondLive Square

2️⃣ Click “SPACE”

3️⃣ Enter: 19035

Join us at Angry Dynomites Lab Brand Space in SecondLive and let’s kick off the New Year with a virtual bang! 🎉💃

Date & Time

Dec 23 12:00 UTC ~ Jan 24 12:00 UTC