My way of proposal for rewards system in socialfi style project part 2

Later on we can have diferent kind of rules for like concert stage with drees codes so people can dress up especialy for that to be able to participate in that event, fashion runways for presentation of new clothes nfts.
With upcoming nft tool we can create whole spectar of spaces nft with diferent life style function in which users can experiance diferent kind of interactions to be able to hang out in those spaces, do acording activities of space, spend and recive rewards in those spaces thru those activities.

  1. Like gym where avatar can exercise and evolve its Avatar body
  2. Bar place where avatar can buy drinks, hang out, listen to music and participate in karaoke events using speach function
  3. Well not gona spill all my ides before tools come to life :slight_smile:
    I would let this be main system for earning rewards next to hosting events and other activities