My way of proposal for rewards system in socialfi style project part 1

If we are going by socialfi rules and get ourself involved with our avatar to present our alternative person in metaverse I think its esential to bring life to avatar and spaces.
In same time with this you open activities for all users to experiance almost real life simulator (well some part of it) and get them to interact daily with project thru app and rewarding them with beans for doing thos eactivities.
Some of proposals to bring alive and go general in that direction:

  1. If in room avatar could sit at table eat, drink, go to bathroom, sleep in the bed
  2. If any plants around avatar could plant them, water them and take care of them
  3. If instruments avatar could play them
  4. If you have a pet you can visit island and walk your pets, play with them, interact with other pets that are in that space at same time
  5. Island open much more activities like boat rides, going to beach or pool swim, dive, lay on beach and get your summer color on
    and so on…