Metahunted Adventure: Seek the Spooky Treats


Spooky Costumes, Candy Treats, and Halloween Haunts Await!
Halloween 🎃 is creeping in, and SecondLive is teaming up with 19 thrilling partners including Rh!noX, BetFury, BurgerCities, Web3Go, Meta Apes, DEGO, Sonorus, ChainGPT, Nabox, SWAGGA, iGames, CAPTAIN TSUBASA, dappOS, COMBO,, NewLand, Binary X, LuigiSwap, and CARV to brew up a spooktacular metahunt adventure!

But wait, there’s more. To kick off this adventure, we’ve brewed up some exclusive Halloween costumes just for you. Simply complete a Galxe Task from any partner project, and you’ll receive a free mint of a Halloween costume NFT. Once you’ve dressed up, it’s time to embark on a meta-journey.

Costume Mystery Box: Halloween Attire Required! 🧙‍♀️
Hold on to your witch hats! Before you set off on this thrilling journey, you’ll need to gear up and become a true metahunter. It’s not all smoke and mirrors — your adventure begins here!

⏰ Duration: 12:00, Oct 24–14:00 Nov 7, 2023(UTC)

🏅 Perks: Avatars dressed in Halloween-themed outfits can participate in the below activities.

How to secure:
Step 1️⃣: Complete any project’s task and mint OAT:

Step 2️⃣: Mint Halloween-themed outfit:

Metaverse Exploration: Share Your Spooky Perspective
⏰ Duration: 12:00, Oct 24–14:00 Nov 7, 2023(UTC)

🎃 Prize Pool: 200 $USDT + $BEAN

How to Participate:
🟣 Wear Halloween-themed outfits & take a tour of the SecondLive Metaverse, and capture it all in a video (no less than 10s)
🟣 Tweet your spine-tingling adventures with the caption, “Exploring the @SecondLiveReal Metaverse in my freshly conjured #Halloween-themed costume,” and attach your eerie video.
🟣 Fill:

🏆 1st Place: 20 $USDT / 1

🥈 2nd — 10th Place: 10 $USDT / 1

🥉 11st — 28th Place: 5 $USDT 1

🏅29th — 40th Place: 300 $BEAN / 1

💎 41st — 60th Place: 100 $BEAN / 1

AR Globetrotters: Explore Your City with Your Avatar
Unlock the AR Globetrotter title as you animate your avatar! Dress up your avatar in the above mentioned Halloween Costume mentioned above and lead it on a city adventure. Halloween views and sightseeing will be preferred! Finally, capture the excitement and share your thrills globally via Twitter.

If you want to enhance the richness and intricacy of your AR artwork, please complete the tasks below to claim Vdance NFT:
Step 1️⃣: Complete the below task and mint OAT:
Step 2️⃣: Mint Vdance NFT:

⏰ Duration: 12:00, Oct 24–14:00 Nov 7, 2023(UTC)

🎃 Prize Pool: 300 $USDT + $BEAN

How to Participate:
🟣 Dress up your avatar with the above mentioned Halloween Costume;
🟣 Open SecondLive mobile App & click “AR” & take a video ≥ 30 secs;
🟣 Tweet “ I’m from xx (your city or country) and joining the thrilling @SecondLiveReal Halloween AR Globetrotters Campaign! Watch my avatar’s incredible adventures in the city! 🗺🎬” and attach the video.
🟣 Fill:

SecondLive AR Guide:

🏆 1st Place: 40 $USDT / 1

🥈 2nd — 10th Place: 10 $USDT / 1

🥉 11st — 44th Place: 5 $USDT / 1

🏅45th — 65th Place: 300 $BEAN / 1

💎 Participation Reward: 100 $BEAN / each participant

Winners Evaluation:
😍 When awarding, we prefer these videos: your avatar in a real-life Halloween scene and avatar interacting with real-life people, such as mutual greetings, dancing together, etc.

🏅 Judging Criteria: Avatar’s dress up; tweet content, video quality, and twitter engagement.

🏅 Multiple Tweets Allowed: You can submit multiple tweets from one Twitter account, but each account is eligible for only one prize.

🏅 Fair Play: Cheating and plagiarism are strictly prohibited. SecondLive retains the right to make all final decisions.

No Tricks, Only Treats! Embark on Spooky Treat Hunts
🍬 Join the ultimate spooky treats hunt within the SecondLive Metaverse! Don the Halloween-themed costume, dive into the specially crafted Halloween Space, and hunt the “Candy” treats we’ve conjured up just for you!

🏆 Candy Pool: A bubbling cauldron filled with $1,400 in Tokens + $BEAN

👻 Where: Halloween Space

⏰ Time: 12:00 -14:00, Oct 31 — Nov 3, 2023 (UTC)

Get your spellbook ready and prepare for a Halloween adventure like no other! 🕸️🦇

Date & Time

Oct 23 12:00 UTC ~ Nov 23 12:00 UTC