Make the Secondlive Great

Make the game is Fair.
Can i have idea : if any holder space, badge, pet … they will have a space for play “Pick Bean” and that Pool : 20k BEAN, with hodler their items will be a ticket for they enter to space 20k BEAN and they can enter whatever they want., with free player they will have other pool: 4k BEAN, and if they want enter to room they need pay 1 BEAN for 1 time to play , it’s will fair for who already pay to play.
And with their pay (free player) can use it make some prize for have more play time or more transaction (buy, sell, claim in 1 week)

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Thank you, I believe SecondLive will get better and better

tks, but already leave game :stuck_out_tongue: more cheater , i don’t play and already sell all my badge.