Love in the Metaverse: Sparking the Fire of Valentine’s Passion


Hey, fabulous fam! As the calendar flips to Valentine’s Day, we’re not just bringing you romance; we’ve got a bouquet of metaverse madness! Partnering with 9 stellar partners, including ChainGPT, COMBO, DEGO, BurgerCities, OpenTaskAI, Meta Apes, Thena, Sonorus Protocol and Tonka Finance, we’re throwing a party that’ll make Cupid blush. Brace yourselves for Love-themed Outfits, sweet $5,000+ tokens, and a dash of mischief to set those Valentine’s fires blazing in the metaverse! Ready to dive into our love-infused shindig?

⏰ Campaign Duration: Jan 30 — Feb 20 2024

Event 1: Task Tackling & Free Hugs… Oops, Mint Valentine’s Day Outfit NFT!
What’s a Valentine’s carnival without a dress-up frenzy? Get your game face on by competing the Galxe Task, minting OAT, and securing your love-themed outfit. Because nothing says love like being properly dressed, right?

⏰ Duration: 12:00, Jan 30–14:00, Feb 20 (UTC)

👇How to steal Cupid’s heart:👇

Step 1️⃣: Conquer any project’s Galxe Task and mint OAT:

Step 2️⃣: Mint Valentine’s Day-themed outfit NFT:

🍭 Perks: Avatars dressed in the outfit could enjoy the final treasures hunt in brand spaces.

🤑 Bonus: 20 lucky task finishers will share 100 $USDT — cha-ching!

Event 2: Metaverse Love Fusion — Text-to-3D Model Battle
Love isn’t complete without a home. Show your love for your home and loved one by designing 3D decoration item for your virtual space. Use the Text-3D Model tool in SecondLive to bring your unique vision to life, creating stunning 3D artwork that captures the essence of Valentine’s Day and the metaverse.

⏰ Duration: 12:00, Jan 30 — Feb 20 (UTC)

🤑 Prize Pool: $800 tokens + $BEAN

Get Involved: Your Participation Guide

✅ Theme: Infuse your creation with Valentine’s Day and Metaverse vibes — love, romance, gifts … maybe a digital Cupid too!

✅ Craft: Hit up SecondLive for a trip with Tripo AI, turning your words into killer 3D models.

✅ Flash: Showcase your 3D wonders through videos or screenshots.

✅ Shout: Share your masterpiece on Twitter using #SecondLiveAI @SecondLiveReal. Add a brief description of your design inspiration.

✅ Fill: Submit Your Awesomeness Here


🏆 1st Place: $50 Token (1 Winner)

🥈 2nd Place: $30 Token (5–9 Winners)

🥉 3rd Place: $20 Token (10–24 Winners)

💎 Participation Reward: 100 $BEAN / each participant

Winners Evaluation:

🏅 Judging Criteria: 3D model quality, Tweet content, and Twitter engagement.

🏅 Multiple tweets allowed per account, but one account, one prize!

🏅 Cheating and plagiarism are strictly prohibited. SecondLive retains the right to make all final decisions.

Event 3: Metaverse Love Jubilee — Get Ready for the Wildest Treasure Hunt!
Hold onto your virtual hats, my friends — Get ready to unleash the ultimate spectacle! We’ve got a treasure chest of tokens waiting for you. Suit up in your Valentine’s Day gear, gather your digital squad, and join the designated brand space to hunt treasures — because nothing says love like a bit of friendly competition!

🤑 Prize Pool: 3600 $Tokens + $BEAN

⏰ Duration: 12:00–14:00, Feb 1 — Feb 18 (UTC)

Treasures await in the brand spaces of 9 sponsor projects. Stick to the schedule, follow the map, and get ready to score big in the ultimate treasure hunt! Let the love games begin! 💘✨

Date & Time

Jan 24 12:00 UTC ~ Feb 24 12:00 UTC