Lets talk about MonsterGo "RPG+AXIE+STPEN" P2E project


Organizer: @Iken2014
Topic: MonsterGo project presentation
Time: 12:00 UTC, July 11
Space ID: 15423

How to participate:
Attend this event and follow up on video and chat for information about MonsterGo project;
Learn a bit about project from video and be ready for few questions at the end of presentation.

5 questions will be asked thru chat-box and first correct answer will be rewarded with:
1) 200 $BEAN
2) 1 WL spot for minting Rainbow egg from MonsterGo project

After I announce winners thru chat you have to add me in SNS (click on my avatar then send me firend request) and dm me with your BSC wallet adress. 

(5 questions = 5 winners, 1 user can only win one time)

All info about project you can follow up on official sites!!
Browse and learn about project so you have better chance of winning in quiz.
Website: https://monstergo.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/monstergo_bsc
Discrod: https://discord.gg/X9uZKwDUCg
Telegram: https://t.me/monstergo_official
Channel: https://t.me/monstergo_channel
Medium: https://medium.com/monstergo

Date & Time

Jul 22 12:00 UTC ~ Jul 22 13:00 UTC
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