Indulge in the ChainGPT Brand Space Spectacular


Indulge in the ChainGPT Brand Space Spectacular

πŸš€ Join the celebration for ChainGPT Brand Space going online in SecondLive metaverse. Come and secure yourself the ChainGPT Outfit, and then put on them to attend exclusive treasures hunt in ChainGPT Brand Space.

To secure the ChainGPT Outfit NFT:

πŸ‘‰Step 1: Secure 1+ $CGPT; or Do Galxe task and Mint OAT:

Task Duration: 12:00 UTC Aug 18- Aug 30, 2023

πŸ‘‰Step 2: Mint ChainGPT Outfit:

🎁 Extra Bonus: 20 lucky users who complete the following tasks, will share $100 $CGPT.

Putting on the clothes, you can attend upcoming treasures hunt at ChainGPT Brand Space, and also obtain extra benefits in the future from both projects!

Treasures await: $300 $CGPT + 30,000$BEAN


Time: 12:00–14:00 UTC, Aug 28–30, 2023

Date & Time

Aug 23 12:00 UTC ~ Aug 23 12:00 UTC