Guess the Nft


🕺Organizer: @Iken2014, @michalisg
🗣Topic: Guess the Nft
⏰Time: 13:00 UTC, June 20
🎯Space ID: 15423

🤩How to participate:
Find nice spot and focus on main TV, get ready to guess nft.
As soon you know the answer send answer to chat-box.
If its nft with level you must guess his level too.

There will be 10 pictures displayed on TV one after another.
Picture topic is SecondLive NFT badges.
You have 1 minute to take a guess per picture.

Fastest correct answer get rewarded with 100 beans!!
If no correct answer that prize will be added to next clip.

You can guess more times and I will reveal at end of clip who gave correct answer first.
If you win you need to send me your wallet thru SNS right after I announce the winner!!

Total 10 winners (you can win unlimited times if you answer first and correct)

Total reward: 1000 beans

Date & Time

Jun 22 13:00 UTC ~ Jun 22 14:00 UTC