Embarking on the Journey to Unleash Layer2 Potential on BNB Chain


SecondLive has forged a groundbreaking alliance with other key opBNB ecosystem projects including Polyhedra, BurgerCities, Carv, and Nabox. Together, we’re setting sail to immerse users in the dynamic Layer 2 ecosystem of the BNB Chain. And to make it even more fun, we’re thrilled to introduce 3 electrifying events to welcome you to our epic journey!

⏰ Campaign Duration: Sep 22nd — Oct 20th

🎁 Prize Pool: 40,000 $BEAN + NFTs: Cross-chain Task with Layer2 Unleash TV Head NFT Reward

Thrill 1: Layer2 Unleash TV Head NFT
⏰ Duration: 12:00, Sep 22nd — Oct 20th (UTC)

🎁 Reward: Exclusive Layer2 Unleash TV Head NFT

🏅 Benefit: Avatars wearing TV Head can participate in the upcoming AR Globetrotters Campaign

📍 How to secure: Complete any activities👇

📲 Access: https://zkbridge.com/ecosystem/Embarking_on_the_Journey_to_Unleash_Layer2_Potential_on_BNB_Chain

👉 Mint Layer2 Unleash TV Head NFT: https://secondlive.world/marketplace/imo/6578

Thrill 2: Branded Fashion NFTs
⏰ Duration: 12:00, Sep 27th — Oct 20th (UTC)

🎁 Reward: Exclusive Branded outfit NFTs

🏅 Benefits: Avatars wearing Branded outfits can participate in the upcoming AR Globetrotters Campaign.

How to secure:

Step 1: Complete any project’s Galxe task: https://galxe.com/SecondLive/campaign/GCSfBULhds

Step 2: Mint corresponding project’s branded outfit
⏭ Polyhedra: Coming soon
⏭ Carv: Coming soon
⏭ BurgerCities: Coming soon
⏭ Nabox: Coming soon

Thrill 3:Travelling with your Avatar
Prepare to become an AR Globetrotter and breathe life into your avatar! Dress it up with minted branded outfits and TV Head, then guide it to explore local landmarks. Capture the excitement and share it on Twitter to ignite the thrill!

⏰ Duration: 12:00, Sep 29th — Oct 20th (UTC)

👇How to Join:

🟣 Dress up your avatar with minted Branded Outfits and TV Head;

🟣 Open SecondLive mobile App & click “AR” & take a video ≥ 30 secs;

🟣 Tweet “ I’m from xx (your city or country) and joining the thrilling @SecondLiveReal & & @PolyhedraZK, @carv_official, @BurgerCitiesBar, @naboxwallet AR Globetrotters Campaign! Watch my avatar’s incredible adventures in the city! 🗺️🎬” and attach the video.

🟣 Fill: https://forms.gle/gz8DkpanAs9CepQ19

📖 SecondLive AR Guide: https://link.medium.com/s4eX3jTcIBb

🏆 1st Place: 5000 $BEAN / 1+Blue BurgerPass / 1+100x BurgerDiamond+Carv SBT badge / 1

🥈 2nd Place: 3000 $BEAN / 1+Blue BurgerPass / 1+100x BurgerDiamond+Carv SBT badge / 1

🥉 3rd — 14th Place: 2000 $BEAN / 1+Blue BurgerPass / 1+100x BurgerDiamond+Carv SBT badge / 1

💎 Participation Reward: 100 $BEAN / each participant

Winners Evaluation:
🏅 Judging Criteria: Tweet content, video quality, and Twitter engagement.

🏅 Multiple tweets allowed from one Twitter account, but each account is eligible for only one prize.

🏅Cheating and plagiarism strictly prohibited. SecondLive retains the right to make all final decisions.

Date & Time

Sep 23 12:00 UTC ~ Oct 23 12:00 UTC