Education about SecondLive


Ⅰ. Introduction

SecondLive is a hub for Metaverse inhabitants. More than 1 million users are gathering here to facilitate self-expression, unleash creativity and build a dreaming parallel universe. Leading invested by Binance Labs, SecondLive team is expertise in virtual space creation for large-scale events and Metaverse infrastructure building. With the assistance of UGC and AI-generated content, SecondLive will create a Web3 open Metaverse that serves 1 billion people

Ⅱ. Time

⏰ 18/11/2022 : 12h UTC - 13h UTC

**Ⅲ. How to add Event?**

1/ Go to movie and see all question. You have good 10 choice answer for 10 question and printer monitor and write 10 choice of you. Movie just run in 12h UTC - 13h UTC on 18/11/2022, not more

2/ Post picture when you stay at Space Bsnow and 10 your anwser, tag @huongdancoins and @SecondLive in your post tweet

**IV/ Reward: Just for correct answers**

The first user have correct answers will get rewarded with 800 $BEAN ( 1 people )

Two user have correct answers next will get rewarded with 500 $BEAN ( 2 people )

Three user have correct answers next will get rewarded with 300 $BEAN ( 3 people )

Three user have near correct answers next will get rewarded with 100 $BEAN ( 3 people ) Each user can only answer once, i will get result in time post twitter.

**V/ Winner announcement:**

The winner list will be announced within 24 hours after the event ends, and $BEAN will be sent to the twitter account of the winner within one week.

Date & Time

Nov 22 12:00 UTC ~ Nov 22 13:00 UTC