Divide the $LIVE mining pool into VP pool and regular pool

Proposal through community discussion as follows:

Proposal: Divide the $LIVE mining pool into VP user pool and regular user pool, in a ratio of 6:4 or 5:5 (including the team’s 1w $live).

Access rules for VP user pool: Weekly snapshot at UTC 7:00 on Monday, only users with VP can participate in the new week’s VP user pool.

Access rules for regular user pool: Every user, including VP users.

Why do this:

1.Most VP users, after two years of persistence, are now somewhat confused and uncertain because many projects outside are issuing tokens to reward and maintain their communities. Of course, I am not saying that Second Live needs to issue tokens immediately. Under a reasonable and cautious token economics design, and after the product is improved, issuing tokens is reasonable. Therefore, I hope there are real benefits to feedback these loyal users.

2.Currently in the market, NFTs that contain VP, such as spaces, puppies, etc., have not fully tapped their intrinsic value, and their transaction volume is low. We hope that with such measures, market liquidity and NFT value can be improved.

Even if this proposal is not approved, we hope that the project party can respond actively to the enthusiasm of the community.

May God bless Second Live.

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