Designs for the BetFury Design competition

For the BetFury Design competition, My Work. You can publish your unpublished work here. :tshirt: :jeans: :coat: :shorts: :mans_shoe: :hiking_boot:


very beautiful

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Love it, hope you manage to get picked this turn. But they picked worst kind of voting tg, so if you have followers there not problem. I didnt do much for this one but still on roster and maybe get in on account off tg votes only not design.
But your time will come here in future I belive, dont let these competitions put you down, you know how these go. They are mostly prize hunting cause of voting and not best design pick.

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Thanks for your support, Sorry, I don’t have many followers or circles. Because design and content production takes a lot of my time. I don’t have much time for social activities or efforts, but in such voting areas, followers and environment are influential. But I still have hope because I believe in the project. All I want is for this project to grow and be recognized with healthy and quality content.

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Great quality work. Congrats!

Nice!! :slightly_smiling_face: :clap:

very cool