Cyber Bunny: A Crazy Egg Hunt AI Adventure with $3,600 in Rewards


Let’s team up with the Cyber Bunnies and dive into the future’s cool stuff using the magic of AI! 

Now, picture this Easter with SecondLive and its incredible partners including HubX, Playbux, Gameta, BurgerCities, Bit.Store, SoulLand, 0xScope, BinaryX, Dmail Network, COMBO, DEGO, ChainGPT, Nabox, Gravity, Defusion and MUADAO — these future bunnies decide to time-travel and hide eggs like futuristic Easter bunnies on a mission. 

💰 Total Prize Pool: $3600 Token + $BEAN + NFT

⏰ March 18 — April 22

🚀 More details:

Date & Time

Mar 24 12:00 UTC ~ Apr 24 12:00 UTC