Connecting to Twitter bug


  1. Profile Settings page
  2. scroll down to “Twitter”
  3. click “connect
  4. this page loads:
  5. Twitter API page: click “authorize app”
  6. Result: you get this error below:
    ## Whoa there!
    There is no request token for this page. That’s the special key we need from applications asking to use your Twitter account. Please go back to the site or application that sent you here and try again; it was probably just a mistake.
  7. From this specific forum post: click on the link (from above) AGAIN. Result: I’m able to successfully connect to Twitter
  8. Profile Settings page - notices the Twitter filed is filled out with my Twitter handle on my secondlive accordingly but notices I can’t change my Twitter handle if I wanted to
  9. Go to Twitter - decided to disconnect SecondLive app from Twitter
  10. Go back to Profile Settings page - notice that SecondLive doesn’t have the option to “reconnect” to Twitter

There’s no possibility to change connected Twitter account for now

Solution: Comment out the Twitter API connection until a resolution is developed. Allow users to enter in handle manually (e.g. Facebook field).

thanks for your suggestion