Communication position with other avatars

Navigation for the avatar, the camera rotates with a right click, but it is necessary to step back and forth to bring the avatar face to face with another avatar and it is not very successful. When I want to meet a friend side by side or face to face, the direction setting does not work well. Maybe if it rotates with the camera from the back of the avatar when held with a left click, there may be better direction adjustment.
When I’m talking to a friend, I want to look back at her.


That’s pretty good idea. If slow walking were added it would be easier to control your avatar, now avatar can only run.

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Agree, @1099151, nice observation.

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Only run? I can walk as well.
Edit: Realistic one only runs + sprints though, so yeah

I can use only realistic one

An OG with a bugged avatar. An outrage.

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Its still in development, devs are aware of few more things just need time to polish things more

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Of course, I have no doubt that a team that has done so much will do more. I just write my own ideas, as the relevant area is a space where we write our ideas. My only goal is to contribute. This is not a complaint…! Your defense is wrong.

all good, any info idea or problem report is good not taken as complaint but support of our users like you, keep on suporting

Thank you for understanding. I believe we will grow together.

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