BullBear AI Brand Space Going Online Campaign by SecondLive


🤑 Embark on a treasure hunt in the captivating BullBear AI Brand Space! Get ready for $500 AIBB + $BEAN airdrop to be won!

⏰ Mark your calendars for 12:00 - 14:00 UTC, July 20 - July 21, and join us at 📍

If haven't got the BullBear AI clothes, please complete the tasks and mint the clothes:
>Tasks: https://galxe.com/SecondLive/campaign/GCZyUU5wpZ
>Mint clothes:

🌈 Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

#SecondLive #BullBearAI  #AIGC #Metaverse #TreasureHunt #Airdrop

Date & Time

Jul 23 12:00 UTC ~ Jul 23 12:00 UTC