Blacklisting feature for Space Owners

I propose creating at least a basic blacklisting feature available for Space Owners to limit hostile, offensive and annoying users.

It could be as simple as the one already used for adding or removing friends and would prevent unwanted users from reentering the Owner’s Space(s) (until revoked).

In the future a more advanced system could also be developed: kicking, banning, setting exact time for bans etc.


You’re right, I agree with you, it will probably be given to the island owners, but it’s worth mentioning. Blacklist and instant eject right should be added. There will definitely be uncomfortable situations and a defense system will be required.

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The proposal has been already approved by DAO, so I’m waiting for the implementation :slight_smile:
As to uncomfortable situations, the proposal was raised because they already happened to me. And probably to others, based on how widely accepted it was by all the voters (99% YES).

Got it I missed it, nice to be confirmed

Sure, np - the proposal was automatically imported from DAO module along with the forum update, I did not actually post it here, so I understand some of us could be confused.