BAB Token

How can I complete these tasks?
if i have an account Secondlive registered on MetaMask, and the token BAB is the Truct Wallet!
How do i connect my Trust Wallet to an account that is connected to MetaMask???

When you buy BAB token on Binance, it will ask for your wallet address and define this address to BAB token, you can mint by saying start when you get BAB token. Then cleim will open for 60 Bean.

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So I already have it, it’s just on another wallet, not on the one registered on Secondlive

The BAB Token must be in your SecondLive Linked wallet address, because the addresses must match. When you buy on Binance, it will ask you for your wallet address, you must enter your wallet address, which is connected to SL.

how do i transfer the token BAB to my wallet which is connected to SL?

BAB Token Cannot be Transferred, you can get it again on Binance and write the other wallet address.

I have now checked and confirmed that only one BAB token can be purchased on Binance accounts. Therefore, you cannot get a new BAB token by entering the different wallet address I wrote above.