Avatar changes

When I say save site avatar changes, it should be instantly reflected in the game and synchronized, I think it is a problem to relog for sync. In the future, when we want to wear various jewelry and show it to our friends, it will be tiring to go out every time.


Hi Bro, this issue always happen when you enter a Pink apartment? Or it just random occurs? Please give me more details so I can provide to develop team to investigate and fix it :grin:

Hi Bro, while Avatar is online, changes made on the site are not reflected in the game. You have to close the game and open it again.

If I have more than one outfit and I ask my friend how I look, I have to close and reopen the Game each time for him to see what Iā€™m wearing and give his opinion. :slight_smile:

thats not the only problem, you can change your clothes and reenter space but for users in that space they see your old outfit, they have to relog too, both problems already reported, i notice this when doing admin hunt clothes matchup events


yes this is very annoying , even though i went out , the clothes were not synchronized .


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I cannot create an avatar since the keyboard does not appears to enter the name. Could anyone help me?