About the mainland and vacant lots

Will there be a mainland, empty island and lands for the places that will be arranged and created with the items that will be built or purchased by the players?


that info is still to come :slight_smile: but nice look at the future I hope

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There are many such questions, but this is the most important. :slight_smile: Actually, I think he will come, but it would be nice to hear from the management anyway. :slight_smile: As soon as people start to build their own clubs, houses, places of their own culture on an empty land, SecondLive will become a huge virtual world and this is where it will be the second life. :slight_smile:

yes for shure but i think we have few others things to check before this comes to table

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Your idea is one main target of project. And to make it success in future we need to build a strong infrastructure → Team a develop day by day so you can see it soon

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